Does Kim Kardashian still own ShoeDazzle?

Answered by Edward Huber

Kim Kardashian does not still own ShoeDazzle. She was a co-founder of the company when it launched in 2009, but ShoeDazzle was acquired by TechStyle Fashion Group in 2013. Since then, Kim Kardashian is no longer involved in the ownership or management of the company.

I remember when ShoeDazzle first came onto the scene back in 2009. At the time, Kim Kardashian was one of the co-founders and served as the face of the brand. Her celebrity status and fashion influence definitely helped to bring attention to the company and attract customers.

ShoeDazzle was a subscription-based shoe and accessories retailer that offered personalized product recommendations to its members. It gained popularity for its affordable prices and the ability to access a wide variety of trendy footwear options.

However, in 2013, ShoeDazzle was acquired by TechStyle Fashion Group (formerly known as JustFab Inc.), a global fashion e-commerce company. This acquisition brought together ShoeDazzle with other fashion brands under the TechStyle umbrella, such as JustFab, FabKids, and Fabletics.

Since the acquisition, Kim Kardashian’s involvement with ShoeDazzle has diminished. She no longer has any ownership stake in the company, and it is unclear if she has any ongoing endorsement or partnership with ShoeDazzle or TechStyle.

It is worth noting that Kim Kardashian has gone on to build her own successful brand and business empire, including her makeup line KKW Beauty and her shapewear brand SKIMS. These ventures have likely taken up much of her time and attention, and she may have moved on from her involvement with ShoeDazzle.

While Kim Kardashian was a co-founder of ShoeDazzle when it launched in 2009, she no longer owns or is actively involved with the company. ShoeDazzle was acquired by TechStyle Fashion Group in 2013, and since then, it has been operated as part of the larger TechStyle portfolio of fashion brands.