Does Kevin Plank own Sagamore distillery?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Kevin Plank does own Sagamore distillery. Sagamore Farm, the Baltimore County estate once owned by the Vanderbilt family, serves as the inspiration for the name of the real estate entity. Plank acquired this property in 2007 and it has played a significant role in his vision for the development of Port Covington.

Sagamore Spirit distillery is the first realization of Plank’s plan for Port Covington. It opened its doors on April 21, serving as a testament to his passion for preserving the history and heritage of the area. The distillery is located in Port Covington, creating a unique experience for visitors and residents alike.

It is worth noting that Sagamore Spirit distillery is not just any ordinary distillery. It is a place where the rich history of Sagamore Farm and the legacy of the Vanderbilt family are celebrated through the art of distilling whiskey. The distillery offers tours, tastings, and a chance to witness the whiskey-making process firsthand.

Kevin Plank’s ownership of Sagamore distillery demonstrates his commitment to creating a vibrant and thriving community in Port Covington. By incorporating the history and heritage of the area, he aims to not only attract visitors but also to provide a unique experience for residents.

The opening of Sagamore Spirit distillery marks an important milestone in Plank’s overall plan for Port Covington. It showcases his dedication to revitalizing the area and creating opportunities for economic growth. With the success of the distillery, it is likely that Plank will continue to invest in the development of Port Covington, further solidifying his ownership of Sagamore distillery and its importance within the community.

Kevin Plank does indeed own Sagamore distillery. The distillery is a testament to his vision for the development of Port Covington and his commitment to preserving the history and heritage of the area. With the opening of Sagamore Spirit distillery, Plank has taken a significant step towards realizing his plan and creating a vibrant community in Port Covington.