Does it cost money to get a FIDE rating?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Getting a FIDE rating does not cost any money. FIDE, which stands for the International Chess Federation, is the governing body for chess worldwide. They assign unique identification numbers called FIDE IDs to players, which help track their ratings and tournament performance.

Obtaining a FIDE ID is a straightforward process that involves registering with your national chess federation. Most countries have their own chess federations that are affiliated with FIDE. To get a FIDE ID, you typically need to become a member of your national federation and participate in FIDE-rated tournaments.

The cost of becoming a member of your national chess federation can vary depending on the country and the specific federation. Some federations have annual membership fees, while others may charge a one-time fee. These fees are used to support the activities of the federation, such as organizing tournaments, promoting chess, and providing resources for players.

Once you are a member of your national federation, you can participate in FIDE-rated tournaments. These tournaments are usually organized by clubs, schools, or other chess organizations. The entry fees for these tournaments can vary, but they are separate from the cost of obtaining a FIDE ID. The entry fees are typically used to cover the expenses of running the tournament, such as venue rental, tournament directors’ fees, and prize funds.

It’s worth noting that some tournaments may offer discounted or waived entry fees for players who are members of their national federation. This can be an added benefit of becoming a member, as it can help reduce the cost of participating in tournaments and earning a FIDE rating.

In my personal experience, I have obtained a FIDE ID without incurring any direct costs. I joined my national chess federation by paying a nominal annual membership fee, which gave me access to various benefits like participation in FIDE-rated tournaments, receiving chess newsletters, and being eligible for selection in national teams.

To summarize, getting a FIDE rating itself does not cost any money. However, becoming a member of your national chess federation may involve some membership fees. Additionally, participating in FIDE-rated tournaments may require entry fees, but these are separate from the cost of obtaining a FIDE ID.