Does HomePod work with LG Smart TV?

Answered by Jason Smith

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The HomePod is primarily designed to work within the Apple ecosystem, so its compatibility with devices outside of that ecosystem, like LG Smart TVs, is limited. The HomePod does not have a built-in Bluetooth transmitter, so you cannot directly connect it to your LG TV via Bluetooth.

If you want to use the HomePod as an external speaker for your LG TV, you would need to use AirPlay, which is Apple’s wireless streaming protocol. However, AirPlay requires an AirPlay receiver on the LG TV, and most LG Smart TVs do not have built-in AirPlay support.

To use the HomePod with your LG TV, you would need an AirPlay transmitter. One option is to use an Apple TV 4K, which has built-in AirPlay support and can act as a transmitter between your LG TV and the HomePod. By connecting the Apple TV to your LG TV and enabling AirPlay, you can stream audio from the TV to the HomePod.

Another option is to use an Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, as an AirPlay transmitter. You can connect your Apple device to the LG TV using an HDMI cable or an adapter, and then use AirPlay to stream audio from the TV to the HomePod.

It’s important to note that even with an AirPlay transmitter, the HomePod may have some limitations when used as a speaker for your LG TV. For example, it may not support certain audio formats or have the ability to control the TV’s volume directly. You might need to adjust the TV’s volume separately.

The HomePod does not directly work with LG Smart TVs. To use it as an external speaker, you would need to use an AirPlay transmitter like an Apple TV 4K or an Apple device with AirPlay support.