Does Displate fall off?

Answered by Robert Dupre

As an expert, I can tell you that while Displates are generally known for their strong magnetic hold, there are certain situations where they may fall off. One of these situations is when you try to mount a Displate on a slanted wall.

When a Displate is mounted on a slanted wall, gravity becomes a strong force to contend with. The magnetic force that holds the Displate in place may not be strong enough to counteract the downward pull of gravity, causing your artwork to fall.

I have personally experienced this issue when trying to mount a Displate on a slanted wall in my home. Despite the strong magnet, the artwork eventually fell off after a few days. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you have invested in multiple Displates and want to display them on a slanted surface.

To prevent Displates from falling off a slanted wall, there are a few possible solutions you can consider:

1. Use additional adhesive: One option is to use additional adhesive, such as double-sided tape or adhesive putty, to provide extra support and prevent the Displate from sliding down the slanted surface. Make sure to choose a strong adhesive that can hold the weight of the Displate.

2. Adjust the angle: Another option is to adjust the angle of the slanted wall to make it less steep. By reducing the angle, you can decrease the force of gravity pulling on the Displate, increasing the chances of it staying in place.

3. Use alternative mounting methods: If the slanted wall proves to be too challenging for the magnetic hold of the Displate, you may consider using alternative mounting methods. This could include using picture hanging hooks or wire to secure the Displate to the wall.

It is important to note that while these solutions may help prevent the Displate from falling off a slanted wall, they may not guarantee 100% success. The best approach is to test different methods and monitor the stability of the artwork over time.

While Displates generally have a strong magnetic hold, mounting them on a slanted wall can pose a challenge due to the force of gravity. Additional adhesive, adjusting the angle, or using alternative mounting methods may help prevent the Displate from falling off, but it is important to test and monitor the stability of the artwork to ensure its longevity.