Does crunchyroll have dubbed anime?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Crunchyroll does have dubbed anime. In fact, they recently announced that they will be adding dozens of new English dub versions of popular series from the past few years. This is great news for fans who prefer watching anime in English or who may have difficulty following subtitles.

One of the series that will be getting an English dub is Mob Psycho 100. This show follows the story of Mob, a young boy with psychic powers who tries to live a normal life while facing various supernatural encounters. The English dub will bring a new dimension to the show, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the story without the need for subtitles.

Another series that will be receiving an English dub on Crunchyroll is Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. This anime follows the adventures of Subaru Natsuki, who finds himself transported to a fantasy world where he has the ability to return to a specific point in time whenever he dies. The English dub will add another layer of accessibility to this popular series, making it easier for viewers to connect with the characters and follow the complex plot.

These are just two examples of the Crunchyroll-dubbed anime that will be available. The announcement mentioned that there are many more series to come, so fans can expect a wide range of options to choose from. This is particularly exciting for viewers who may have been waiting for English dubs to be released for their favorite shows.

Crunchyroll’s decision to add more English dubs is a testament to the growing popularity of anime worldwide. It allows fans who may not be fluent in Japanese or who prefer watching anime in their native language to enjoy these series to the fullest. The availability of dubbed anime also helps to introduce new viewers to the genre, making it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

In my personal experience, I have found that English dubs can enhance the overall viewing experience, particularly for those who may struggle to keep up with subtitles or who prefer to focus on the visuals rather than reading. While some fans may prefer the original Japanese audio with subtitles, having the option of an English dub opens up the world of anime to a larger audience and allows for different preferences to be accommodated.

The addition of dubbed anime on Crunchyroll is a welcome development for fans of the genre. It not only provides more variety and accessibility but also showcases the platform’s commitment to meeting the needs and preferences of its diverse user base. I’m excited to see what other series will receive English dubs in the future and how this will continue to shape the anime viewing experience on Crunchyroll.