Does burning wound legendary work with demon blades?

Answered by Edward Huber

The Burning Wound legendary effect is an interesting addition to the Demon Hunter’s toolkit. It specifically interacts with the Demon’s Bite ability, or with the Demon Blades talent if chosen instead. Let’s break down how it works and whether it applies to Demon Blades.

Firstly, Burning Wound causes your Demon’s Bite casts to apply a 15-second debuff. This debuff deals Chaos damage over its duration. This is great because it adds a passive damage-over-time effect to your rotation, which can be beneficial for sustained damage.

Now, let’s address the question of whether Burning Wound works with Demon Blades. Demon Blades is a talent choice that replaces your Demon’s Bite ability with an automatic attack that generates Fury. While it functions differently from Demon’s Bite, it still fulfills the same purpose of generating resources for the Demon Hunter.

Based on the specific wording of the Burning Wound legendary, it seems that the debuff is only applied when using Demon’s Bite casts. This means that if you choose Demon Blades as your talent, the Burning Wound legendary will not apply the debuff when your automatic attacks hit.

It’s important to note that Burning Wound does have an additional effect. It increases all damage taken by your Immolation Aura effect by 65%. This can be a significant trade-off, as it makes you more vulnerable to damage while Immolation Aura is active. However, the increased damage output from the Burning Wound debuff may offset this drawback.

In terms of personal experience, I have used the Burning Wound legendary with both Demon’s Bite and Demon Blades. While the damage-over-time effect is certainly noticeable and adds a bit of extra damage to your rotation, the increased damage taken from Immolation Aura can be a double-edged sword. It’s crucial to consider your survivability and the content you are engaging in when deciding whether to use Burning Wound.

To summarize, the Burning Wound legendary does not work with Demon Blades. It specifically applies a debuff when using Demon’s Bite casts. However, it’s important to weigh the benefits of the extra damage from the debuff against the increased damage taken from Immolation Aura. Ultimately, the choice between Demon’s Bite and Demon Blades, as well as whether to use the Burning Wound legendary, depends on your playstyle and the content you are participating in.