Does Barefoot Moscato have a lot of sugar?

Answered by Willie Powers

Barefoot Moscato does have a significant amount of sugar compared to other wines. According to the table of wines analyzed, Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato is the only one that comes close to delivering 30 grams of sugar in two glasses.

To put it into perspective, a 6-ounce glass of Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato contains 13.8 grams of sugar. So if you were to drink two full glasses of this pink sweet bubbly, you would consume a total of 27.6 grams of sugar.

Now, 27.6 grams of sugar may not seem like a lot when compared to other sugary beverages or desserts. However, it is important to remember that wine is typically consumed in larger quantities than just a couple of glasses. Many people enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with friends or having a few glasses over the course of an evening.

If you were to consume a whole bottle of Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato, which is about 25 ounces, you would be looking at a total sugar intake of approximately 69 grams. This is more than double the recommended daily sugar intake for an average adult.

It’s worth noting that the sugar content in wine can vary depending on the type and brand. Moscatos, in general, tend to be on the sweeter side as they are made from the Muscat grape, known for its fruity and floral flavors. So if you’re watching your sugar intake or trying to limit your consumption of sweet beverages, it may be wise to opt for a drier wine or one with lower sugar content.

Of course, everyone’s taste preferences and dietary needs are different. Some people enjoy the sweetness of Barefoot Moscato or other similar wines, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all about finding a balance and being aware of what you’re consuming.

Barefoot Moscato, particularly the Bubbly Pink Moscato, does contain a significant amount of sugar compared to other wines. If you’re looking to limit your sugar intake, it may be advisable to choose a wine with lower sugar content or enjoy Barefoot Moscato in moderation.