Do you tip wedding photographer before or after wedding?

Answered by Willie Powers

As a photographer and videographer, I can provide some insights into the practice of tipping in the wedding industry. When it comes to tipping wedding photographers, there is no set rule or expectation. It ultimately depends on the couple’s personal choice and their satisfaction with the services provided.

In my experience, tipping is not something that is typically expected on wedding days. However, it does happen quite often, with about 50 percent of our clients choosing to tip us. When clients do decide to tip, the amount usually ranges between five to ten percent of the total photography package cost. This amount also includes any additional team members who may have assisted in capturing the wedding day.

It’s important to note that tipping is not mandatory, and it should never be seen as an obligation. As photographers and videographers, our main goal is to provide exceptional service and capture the couple’s special day in the best possible way. Tips are simply an added bonus when clients feel particularly appreciative of our work.

When it comes to the timing of tipping, there isn’t a strict rule. Some couples prefer to tip their photographers before the wedding as a gesture of appreciation and to ensure a positive working relationship. Others may choose to tip after the wedding, once they have received the final edited photos or videos and are satisfied with the outcome.

Personally, I’ve had instances where couples have surprised me with a tip during the wedding day itself, while others have chosen to send it later as a thank-you gesture. Regardless of when the tip is given, it is always greatly appreciated and serves as a validation of the hard work and dedication we put into capturing those precious moments.

Tipping wedding photographers is not expected but is certainly appreciated. It is entirely up to the couple’s discretion and their level of satisfaction with the services provided. If a couple chooses to tip, the amount typically ranges between five to ten percent of the total photography package cost, including any team members involved. Tipping can be done either before or after the wedding, depending on the couple’s preference.