Do you need to fight Oceanid to get Endora?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

In order to obtain the rewards and acquire Endora, the character in Genshin Impact, one must indeed battle Raging Rhodeia, also known as the Oceanid boss. This fierce creature resides in the Bishui Plain region of Liyue and poses quite a challenge for players.

The Oceanid boss, as its name suggests, is an aquatic entity that commands the power of water and summons various water-based creatures to aid in its defense. Engaging in combat with the Oceanid requires the player to be well-prepared and equipped with a party that can withstand its relentless attacks.

To initiate the battle with the Oceanid, players need to locate its domain, which is situated on a small island in the middle of a lake. The journey to the island can be treacherous, as it is surrounded by water and guarded by numerous enemies. However, the rewards awaiting those who conquer the Oceanid make the effort worthwhile.

Upon reaching the island, players will face Raging Rhodeia, a formidable boss with multiple forms. Each form possesses unique abilities and attacks, making the battle challenging and demanding strategic thinking. The Oceanid utilizes water-based attacks, such as summoning water creatures to attack the player and unleashing powerful hydro blasts.

Defeating the Oceanid boss is no easy feat, and it often requires players to adapt their strategies and make use of elemental reactions to deal maximum damage. Additionally, players must be prepared to endure a prolonged battle, as the Oceanid has a substantial amount of health and can regenerate over time.

However, the rewards for defeating the Oceanid are worth the effort. Apart from the satisfaction of overcoming a challenging foe, players are rewarded with significant amounts of Adventure Rank experience and Primogems, the premium currency in Genshin Impact. Additionally, defeating the Oceanid has a chance to drop character ascension materials, talent level-up materials, and other valuable resources.

Battling Raging Rhodeia, the Oceanid boss, is a necessary step to obtain Endora and reap the rewards in Genshin Impact. While the battle poses a formidable challenge, the satisfaction of victory and the valuable rewards make it a worthwhile endeavor. So gather your party, hone your skills, and prepare for an epic clash against the Oceanid!