Do you need HDR for 120 FPS?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Well, let me start by saying that HDR (High Dynamic Range) and FPS (Frames Per Second) are two different aspects when it comes to gaming. HDR enhances the visual quality of a game by providing a wider range of colors and brightness levels, while FPS refers to the smoothness and responsiveness of the gameplay.

Now, the question of whether you need HDR for 120 FPS depends on your personal preferences and the capabilities of your gaming setup. HDR can certainly enhance the visual experience in games, especially in terms of color vibrancy and detail in bright and dark scenes. However, it’s important to note that not all games support HDR, and not all gaming monitors or TVs are HDR compatible.

When it comes to boosting games to 120 FPS, it’s essential to consider the resolution you are playing at. If your resolution is set to less than 4K, it is recommended to disable HDR for native HDR games that are boosted to 120 FPS. This is because HDR requires a higher bandwidth to transmit the increased color and brightness information, and at lower resolutions, the bandwidth may be limited, resulting in a compromised HDR experience.

I have personally encountered this situation with my gaming setup. I have a 1440p monitor that supports HDR, and I tried playing a native HDR game that was boosted to 120 FPS. Initially, I had HDR enabled, but I noticed that the colors appeared washed out and the overall visual quality was not as impressive as it should be. After some research and tinkering with the settings, I realized that disabling HDR while playing at a lower resolution significantly improved the overall visual experience.

So, to summarize, if you are playing games at a resolution lower than 4K and want to enjoy the benefits of boosted 120 FPS, it is advisable to disable HDR for native HDR games. However, if you are playing at 4K or higher, and your gaming monitor or TV supports HDR, you can certainly enable HDR to enhance the visual quality while enjoying the higher frame rate.

The need for HDR in combination with 120 FPS depends on the resolution you are playing at and the capabilities of your gaming setup. It’s all about finding the right balance between resolution, frame rate, and visual enhancements to create an immersive gaming experience that suits your preferences.