Do you need an officiant to get married in Idaho?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

In the state of Idaho, you do need an officiant to legally marry you and your significant other. This requirement is in place to ensure that the marriage is conducted in a proper and recognized manner.

There are several options for who can officiate a wedding in Idaho. The most common choices are a judge, an authorized clergy member, or an approved officiant. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:

1. Judge: If you prefer a more formal and legal ceremony, you can choose to have a judge officiate your wedding. Judges have the authority to solemnize marriages in Idaho and can perform the ceremony at a courthouse or another approved location. This option is often chosen for its legal significance and the solemnity it brings to the occasion.

2. Authorized Clergy Member: If you have a specific religious affiliation and would like to incorporate your faith into your wedding ceremony, you can choose an authorized clergy member to officiate. This could be a priest, minister, rabbi, or other religious leader who is recognized and authorized by their respective religious organization. It’s important to ensure that your chosen clergy member is authorized to perform marriages in the state of Idaho.

3. Approved Officiant: If you prefer a non-religious or secular ceremony, or if you do not have a specific religious affiliation, you can select an approved officiant to perform your wedding ceremony. Idaho allows individuals to become temporary officiants for a day by obtaining a license from the county clerk’s office. This option is often chosen by couples who have a close friend or family member they would like to officiate their wedding.

It’s worth noting that Idaho does not allow self-uniting marriages, also known as “Quaker marriages,” where the couple can solemnize their own marriage without an officiant. In Idaho, an authorized individual must be present to officiate the wedding and make it legally recognized.

In summary, to legally get married in Idaho, you must have an officiant present to perform the ceremony. This could be a judge, an authorized clergy member, or an approved officiant. The officiant’s role is crucial in ensuring that your marriage is conducted in accordance with Idaho state laws.