Do you give twins separate birthday cards?

Answered by Willie Powers

When it comes to giving birthday cards to twins, the general rule is to give them a joint card. After all, they are celebrating their birthday together, so it makes sense to give them a card that represents both of them. However, as they get older, twins may wish to write their own card to their birthday friend.

In my experience, when my twin sister and I were younger, we always received joint birthday cards from our friends and family. It was a fun way to celebrate our special day together and it made us feel even more connected as twins. We would both sign the card and it was a nice gesture from our loved ones.

As we grew older, we started to develop our own individual interests and personalities. We began to have separate groups of friends, and sometimes we would have different birthday parties or celebrations. During those times, it felt more appropriate for us to give separate cards to our friends.

I remember one year when I had a sleepover party with my friends and my sister had a separate celebration with her friends. We each wrote our own personal messages in the cards we gave to our friends. It was a way for us to express our own thoughts and feelings towards our friends on our special day.

Of course, this is a personal decision and every set of twins may have their own preferences. Some twins may always choose to give joint cards, even as they get older, while others may enjoy the opportunity to write their own individual cards. It really depends on the twins themselves and what feels most comfortable for them.

Ultimately, the important thing is to acknowledge and celebrate each twin’s individuality while still recognizing their special bond as twins. Whether it’s a joint card or separate cards, the intention behind the gesture is what matters most.