Do you get paid by PetSmart as a groomer trainees?

Answered by Frank Schwing

As a Pet Stylist Apprentice at PetSmart, you do get paid while you are in training. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in a career as a pet groomer but may not have any prior experience.

During the training program, you will receive hands-on experience working with pets. These pets become our own pets while they are in our care, so our number one priority is to ensure their safety and well-being. This means that you will learn and practice proper handling techniques, grooming procedures, and safety protocols under the guidance and supervision of experienced groomers.

In addition to the valuable training you will receive, PetSmart also provides compensation for your time and effort. The specific details of the pay structure may vary depending on your location and the terms of your employment, but rest assured that you will be paid for the work you do as a trainee.

The paid training program at PetSmart is designed to set you up for success in your career as a pet stylist. It gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills while also earning an income. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may need to support themselves financially while pursuing their passion for working with animals.

It’s important to note that the training program is just the beginning of your journey as a pet groomer. Once you complete the initial training as a Pet Stylist Apprentice, you may have the opportunity to advance to the next stage, which is becoming a Pet Stylist. As a Pet Stylist, you will have the chance to further refine your skills and work with a wide variety of pets.

The paid training program at PetSmart is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who are interested in a career as a pet groomer. Not only will you receive hands-on training and experience, but you will also be compensated for your time and effort. This sets you up for success and gives you the foundation you need to pursue a rewarding career in the pet grooming industry.