Do you bring a hostess gift to a Christmas party?

Answered by Jason Smith

It is considered good etiquette to bring a hostess gift to a Christmas party. Bringing a gift is a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation for the invitation and to thank the hostess for their efforts in hosting the event.

When selecting a hostess gift for a Christmas party, it’s important to consider the preferences and tastes of the hostess. Here are some gift ideas that can be suitable for a Christmas party:

1. Wine or Champagne: A bottle of wine or champagne is a classic and versatile gift that can be enjoyed during or after the party. You can choose a red, white, or sparkling wine based on the hostess’s preferences.

2. Gourmet Food Basket: A gourmet food basket filled with delicious treats like chocolates, cookies, nuts, or gourmet snacks can be a great gift option. It allows the hostess to enjoy the goodies at their leisure.

3. Festive Candles: Festive candles in holiday scents like cinnamon, vanilla, or pine can create a cozy and warm atmosphere. They can be a lovely addition to the hostess’s holiday decorations.

4. Personalized Ornament: A personalized Christmas ornament can be a thoughtful and memorable gift. You can choose an ornament that reflects the hostess’s interests or hobbies, or even have one customized with their name or a special message.

5. Spa or Bath Products: A set of luxurious spa or bath products can be a great gift for the hostess to unwind and relax after the busy holiday season. Choose scented bath oils, bath bombs, or body lotions for a pampering experience.

6. Coffee or Tea Set: If the hostess enjoys coffee or tea, a high-quality coffee or tea set can be a practical and appreciated gift. You can include a selection of gourmet coffee or tea blends to complement the set.

7. Holiday Decorations: Adding to the hostess’s holiday decor can be a thoughtful gesture. Consider gifting a unique or personalized ornament, a festive wreath, or a decorative centerpiece that can be used to adorn their home during the Christmas season.

When presenting the hostess gift, it’s best to do so upon arrival or during the party. You can either wrap the gift or present it in a gift bag with a thoughtful note or card expressing your gratitude for the invitation.

Remember, the most important aspect of a hostess gift is the thought behind it. Consider the hostess’s preferences and interests, and choose a gift that reflects your appreciation for their hospitality.