Do Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro get along?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Based on my research, it seems that Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro have a long-standing friendship and get along quite well. In fact, their friendship dates back to their school days in Los Angeles.

Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro attended school together, with Tyra being in grade school and Alfonso in Junior High when he moved to LA from New York. This suggests that they have known each other for a significant portion of their lives.

Their shared history and friendship may contribute to their chemistry as co-hosts on Dancing With the Stars. Having a strong rapport and understanding of each other can greatly enhance their ability to work together effectively and provide an enjoyable viewing experience for the audience.

However, it’s important to note that while they may have a great working relationship, the extent of their personal friendship and how often they interact outside of the show is not publicly documented. It’s possible that they maintain a close friendship or that their relationship primarily revolves around their professional collaboration.

Ultimately, the fact that Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro have known each other since their school days suggests that they have a solid foundation of friendship. This could contribute to their ability to work well together as co-hosts on Dancing With the Stars, but the specific dynamics of their relationship beyond their professional obligations remain private.