Do the dogs do anything in Botw?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

The dogs in Breath of the Wild (Botw) do have a purpose and can provide some benefits to Link. When you come across a dog in the game, you have the option to interact with it and build a bond. This can be done by petting the dog, feeding it, or playing with it using certain items or actions.

As you continue to interact with the dog and build a bond, you may notice that the dog becomes more friendly towards you and starts following you around. This can be a fun and endearing aspect of the game, as having a loyal canine companion by your side adds a certain charm to your adventures.

However, the benefits of befriending dogs in Botw go beyond just having a furry friend by your side. If you manage to maximize your bond with a dog, it will actually lead you to a secret chest. This hidden chest can contain valuable items or resources that can aid you on your journey through Hyrule.

To find the secret chest, the dog will guide you to its location by barking and running towards it. You just need to keep an eye on the dog’s behavior and follow its lead. Once you reach the spot, you can use your Magnesis rune to levitate the chest out of the ground and claim its contents.

This feature adds an extra layer of exploration and reward to the game. It encourages players to interact with the environment and the various creatures they encounter, including the dogs. It also adds a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you successfully locate and retrieve the hidden chest.

In my personal experience, I found the dog bonding mechanic to be a delightful addition to the game. It was always exciting to come across a dog and see if I could build a bond with it. The process of petting and feeding the dog, as well as playing with it, felt rewarding in itself. And when the dog eventually led me to a secret chest, it was a pleasant surprise and added a sense of purpose to my interactions with the canine companions.

While the dogs in Botw may not have a major role in the main storyline, they do provide a fun and rewarding side activity for players. Befriending them and following their guidance to hidden chests adds an extra incentive to explore the vast world of Hyrule and make new furry friends along the way. So, if you come across a dog in Botw, don’t hesitate to interact with it and see where the bond may lead you.