Do snow peas need a trellis?

Answered by Edward Huber

Snow peas generally need a trellis or some sort of support for the vines to climb on. This is because snow pea plants are considered vining plants, meaning they have long, slender stems that tend to grow upwards. Without a trellis or support structure, the vines will sprawl along the ground and may become tangled or damaged.

When it comes to choosing a trellis for snow peas, you don’t have to invest in anything fancy or expensive. In fact, you can easily create a trellis using materials you may already have on hand. One simple option is to use sticks or bamboo poles and twine. Place the poles in the ground on either side of the snow pea plants and secure them with twine or string, creating a framework for the vines to climb on. As the snow pea plants grow, gently train the vines to climb up the trellis, loosely tying them to the support with twine as needed.

Another option is to use a tomato cage. Tomato cages are typically made of metal or wire and are designed to support tomato plants as they grow. They can also work well for snow peas, providing a sturdy structure for the vines to cling to. Simply place the tomato cage in the ground near the snow pea plants and gently guide the vines to grow up through the openings in the cage. As the vines grow, they will naturally cling to the wires, securing themselves to the trellis.

If you prefer to grow snow peas in containers, you can still provide a trellis for the vines to climb on. Choose a container that is large enough to accommodate the snow pea plants and deep enough for their roots to grow. Place the container in a sunny location and install a trellis or support structure within the container. This can be as simple as inserting bamboo stakes or dowels into the soil and tying them together at the top to create a teepee shape. As the snow pea plants grow, train the vines to climb up the trellis, securing them with twine or clips as necessary.

In my personal experience, I have found that using a trellis for snow peas is not only necessary for their proper growth and support, but it also helps to keep the vines organized and makes harvesting easier. When the snow pea vines are allowed to climb up a trellis, they can grow more upright and have better air circulation, which can reduce the risk of disease and pests. Additionally, having the snow pea pods hanging down from the trellis makes them more visible and accessible, making it easier to harvest them when they are ready.

To summarize, snow peas generally need a trellis or support structure to climb on as they are vining plants. You can use simple materials such as sticks and twine, or even repurpose a tomato cage. If growing snow peas in containers, a trellis can still be provided within the container. Using a trellis not only supports the growth of the snow pea plants but also helps with organization and facilitates easier harvesting.