Do sleep darts work on gravehounds?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Sleep darts, as effective as they are against human enemies in Dishonored, unfortunately do not work on gravehounds. These supernatural creatures, with their heightened senses and resistance to sleep-inducing substances, are immune to the tranquilizing effects of sleep darts.

It can be frustrating when a trusted method of dealing with enemies suddenly becomes ineffective, but it’s important to adapt and find alternative strategies. In the case of gravehounds, non-lethally taking them out by sneaking up on them is not a viable option either. These creatures are incredibly perceptive and possess an acute sense of smell, making it nearly impossible to approach them undetected.

So, what options are available when facing gravehounds? Well, the first step is to assess the situation and determine if non-lethal methods are an absolute requirement. If not, then eliminating them lethally might be the only feasible solution. However, if you are committed to a non-lethal playstyle, there are a few tactics you can employ.

One approach is to use distractions to lure the gravehounds away from your intended path. Throw bottles or create noise with your powers to divert their attention, allowing you to slip past them undetected. This requires careful timing and planning, as the gravehounds have keen senses and can quickly locate the source of the distraction.

Another option is to use your powers creatively. For example, if you have the ability to possess animals, you can possess a nearby rat or fish and navigate past the gravehounds without raising suspicion. This can be a useful tactic, especially if you have upgraded your possession ability to last longer.

Alternatively, if you have access to stun mines or stun bolts, these can be used to temporarily incapacitate the gravehounds, allowing you to escape or move past them safely. However, keep in mind that stunning them will only provide a temporary respite, as they will eventually recover and resume their pursuit.

It’s important to note that gravehounds do not count as kills, so even if you are forced to eliminate them lethally, it won’t impact your non-lethal playthrough. However, if you prefer to avoid killing altogether, it’s crucial to plan your routes carefully and utilize distractions and powers effectively to bypass these formidable adversaries.

Sleep darts do not work on gravehounds in Dishonored. Non-lethally taking them out by sneaking up on them is also not possible due to their heightened senses. However, with careful planning, creative use of distractions and powers, and potentially sacrificing a non-lethal approach, you can navigate past these formidable enemies and continue your mission.