Do robot vacuums bump into furniture?

Answered by John Hunt

Robot vacuums can bump into furniture. This is particularly true for older models that navigate a space by charging in a direction until they encounter an obstacle. When the vacuum bumps into something, it will typically turn around and go in another direction. However, this can cause damage to furniture, especially if it is made of softer wood or has delicate upholstery.

I have personally experienced this issue with an older robot vacuum model in my own home. Despite its best efforts to avoid obstacles, it would occasionally bump into furniture legs or collide with the edges of tables and chairs. Over time, this resulted in visible scratches and dents on the furniture. The softer wood of some pieces was particularly susceptible to damage, and the vacuum’s repeated collisions only worsened the situation.

It’s worth noting that newer robot vacuum models often come equipped with more advanced navigation systems that allow them to avoid obstacles more effectively. These models may use sensors, cameras, or even mapping technologies to create a more efficient cleaning path and minimize collisions with furniture. However, even with these improvements, there is still a possibility of occasional bumps or accidental contact with furniture.

To mitigate the risk of damage, there are a few steps you can take. Firstly, before activating the robot vacuum, it’s a good idea to clear the area of any small or fragile items that could be knocked over or damaged. This includes removing delicate vases, decorative objects, or anything else that may be easily dislodged. Additionally, if you have furniture with sensitive surfaces, you can consider using protective pads or covers on the legs or edges to minimize the impact of any potential collisions.

While robot vacuums can bump into furniture, the likelihood of damage varies depending on the model and its navigation capabilities. Older models that rely on bumping into obstacles to change direction can pose a higher risk to furniture. However, newer models with advanced navigation systems are designed to minimize collisions. It’s important to take precautions and clear the area of fragile items before using a robot vacuum to reduce the chances of damage to furniture.