Do pros use Fennec?

Answered by John Hunt

Professional Rocket League players do use the Fennec car. Since its release in July 2019, the Fennec has gained popularity among both pros and amateurs in the Rocket League community. Its design is based on the Octane hitbox, which is one of the most commonly used hitboxes in the game.

The Fennec’s hitbox is very similar to the Octane, which makes it a comfortable choice for players who are already accustomed to the Octane’s handling and hitbox. Many professional players have spent countless hours mastering the Octane, and the Fennec allows them to continue using a similar hitbox while enjoying a different aesthetic.

One of the reasons why the Fennec has become popular among pros is its unique design. The car has a more compact and streamlined appearance compared to the Octane, which some players find visually appealing. This sleek design can provide a psychological advantage by boosting players’ confidence and making them feel more connected to their car.

Additionally, the Fennec’s hitbox and handling characteristics are well-suited for high-level play. Its boxy shape makes it easier to accurately hit the ball, particularly for aerial plays and strong challenges. The Fennec’s turning radius is also favorable, allowing for quick and precise maneuvers on the field.

Furthermore, the Fennec’s hitbox and handling are not drastically different from the Octane, which means that players can easily transition between the two cars without needing to relearn their mechanics. This flexibility is crucial for professional players who often need to switch between different cars depending on the situation and their teammates’ preferences.

It’s worth noting that car preference is ultimately subjective and varies from player to player. While many professionals use the Fennec, there are still some who prefer other cars such as the Octane, Dominus, or Batmobile. Each car has its own unique characteristics, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

The Fennec is indeed a popular choice among professional Rocket League players. Its design based on the Octane hitbox, sleek appearance, and favorable handling characteristics make it a desirable car for high-level play. However, car preference ultimately boils down to personal preference and playstyle, so some pros may still opt for other cars.