Kyung Wan’s Bold Move to Freelance Broadcasting

Do Kyung Wan is a popular South Korean comedian, actor, and television personality who has recently made headlines for his departure from KBS and his decision to pursue a freelance broadcasting career. Kyung Wan had been a regular cast member on KBS’s hit variety show, “The Return of Superman,” where he and his family had captured the hearts of viewers with ther adorable and heartwarming interactions.

Kyung Wan’s departure from KBS was a significant career move that he had been contemplating for some time. In a statement to the media, he explained that he had decided to leave the network in order to have more creative freedom and control over his work. He also mentioned that he wanted to explore other opportunities and work with different broadcasters.

While Kyung Wan’s departure from KBS was a significant career move for him, it also had implications for his family’s participation in “The Return of Superman.” The show, which follows the lives of celebrity dads and their children, had featured Kyung Wan and his family prominently, and their departure from the show was an unavoidable result of his decision to part ways with the network.

Despite the challenges that come with leaving a long-term job and adjusting to a new career path, Kyung Wan seems optimistic about the future. He has already started making appearances on other television shows and has been promoting his various projects on social media. Fans of Kyung Wan are excited to see what he will do next and are eagerly anticipating his future endeavors.

Kyung Wan’s departure from KBS and his decision to pursue a freelance broadcasting career is an example of the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. As more and more celebrities seek greater creative control and autonomy over their work, we can expect to see more high-profile departures and shifts in the industry. Regardless of the challenges that come with these changes, fans of Kyung Wan and other celebrities will continue to support them and look forward to their future projects.

Do Kyung Wan’s Departure from KBS

Do Kyung Wan left KBS in order to pursue a freelance broadcasting career. He made a decision to part ways with the network, which resulted in his family’s departure from “The Return of Superman”. According to his statement, leaving the show was an unavoidable result of his decision to leave KBS. It seems that Do Kyung Wan wanted to explore new opportunities and expand his career prospects beyond the limitations of one network.

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The Narrator of Return of Superman

The popular South Korean reality show, Return of Superman, is narrated by two well-known personalities – Yuk Joong-wan and So Yoo-jin. Yuk Joong-wan is a renowned singer and entertainer in South Korea, known for his versatile skills in music, acting and hosting. He has a huge fan following in the country and has been active in the entertainment industry for several years. On the other hand, So Yoo-jin is a talented actress who has appeared in numerous TV dramas, films and variety shows in South Korea. She is widely recognized for her charming personality and excellent acting skills. Together, Yuk Joong-wan and So Yoo-jin prvide an engaging narration for the show, keeping the viewers entertained and informed about the various happenings in the lives of the celebrity dads and their kids. Their voices and commentary add a unique flavor to the show, making it a must-watch for fans of the show.

Leaving Tros: William and Bentley

Yes, William and Bentley Hammington have left The Return of Superman. The announcement was made by their father, Sam Hammington, on his personal Instagram account last year. The family had been a part of the show since 2016 when William was still a baby, and Bentley was born a year after they joined. The Hammington family has bid goodbye to the show, and their departure has been confirmed.

Who Rejected the Role of Superman?

Josh Hartnett turned down the role of Superman. He was offered a three-movie contract to play the character, which was worth around $100 million. Hartnett declined the offer, and the role eventually went to Brandon Routh in the 2006 film “Superman Returns.” Hartnett has stated in interviews that he was hesitant to take on such a high-profile role and that he didn’t want to be typecast as a superhero actor.

The Popularity of Kids in ‘Return of Superman’

Some of the most well-known kids on the show include Choo Sarang, Lee Haru, Seungjae, and the triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. These children have gained a significant following due to their adorable personalities, unique traits, and heartwarming interactions with their fathers. Fans of the show often have their own favorites and enjoy watching the kids grow and develop as they navigate their daily lives with their celebrity dads.

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The Best Superman Voice Actor

Superman, the iconic superhero, has been portrayed by various voice actors over the years, and each of them has brought their unique style to the character. However, the debate on who is the best Superman voice actor of all time is a highly subjective one. Nonetheless, there are a few popular contenders that are often mentioned.

One of the most favored Superman voice actors is Tim Daly, who voiced the character in the critically acclaimed animated series, Superman: The Animated Series. Daly’s portrayal of Superman was praised for its sincerity and emotional depth, making him a fan favorite.

Another popular choice is Bud Collyer, who voiced Superman in The New Adventures of Superman and the Superman Radio Series. Collyer’s voice was the first to bring Superman to life, and his performance set the standard for all future portrayals of the character.

George Newbern, who voiced Superman in Justice League Unlimited, is also highly regarded among fans. Newbern’s voice added a sense of authority and gravitas to the character, making him sound like a true hero.

Danny Dark, who voiced Superman in Super Friends, is also a notable mention. Dark’s portrayal of Superman was full of charm and wit, making him a beloved version of the character.

Lastly, Jerry O’Connell, who voiced Superman in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War and The Death and Return of Superman, has also been praised for his performance. O’Connell’s voice brought a sense of vulnerability and humanity to the character, making him more relatable to audiences.

Ultimately, the best Superman voice actor is a matter of personal preference. Each of these actors has brought somehing unique to the character, making them unforgettable in their own way.


In conclusion, Do Kyung Wan’s departure from KBS marks a new chapter in his broadcasting career as he pursues a freelance path. Although this decision has led to his family’s departure from “The Return of Superman,” it is clear that Do Kyung Wan is determined to continue his work in the industry. With his experience and talent, it is likely that he will find success in this new venture and provide audiences with engaging content in the future. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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