Do French have middle names?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

French people do have middle names, known as “deuxième prénoms” in French. These middle names are additional personal names that come between the individual’s first name and their family name. They are not as commonly used or recognized as the first name and family name, but they still hold significance for many French individuals.

Middle names in France can vary in number, with most people having two to three middle names. These names are often chosen by parents at birth and can be influenced by various factors such as family traditions, cultural background, or personal preferences. Some middle names may be passed down through generations, while others may be more unique and chosen specifically for the individual.

It is worth noting that middle names in France are not as widely used or referred to as in some other countries. They are not typically included in official documents or commonly used in day-to-day interactions. Instead, they often serve as a more personal and private part of an individual’s name.

Having multiple middle names is quite common in France, and it is not uncommon for individuals to have a combination of two or three middle names. For example, a person named Marie Monique DUBOIS may have “Monique” as their middle name. Another person may have “Jean-Pierre” as their first middle name and “Marie-Claire” as their second middle name.

While middle names are not as prominent in French culture as they are in some other countries, they still hold significance for many individuals. They can help to distinguish individuals with the same first and family names and can also serve as a way to honor family members or carry on certain traditions.

Middle names are indeed a part of French naming customs, although they are not as widely used or recognized as the first name and family name. French people may have two to three middle names, which are chosen by parents and often hold personal significance. While they may not be as commonly used or referred to in official documents, middle names still play a role in French naming traditions and can hold personal meaning for individuals.