Do double buggy fits through doors?

Answered by James Kissner

A double buggy can indeed fit through doors. One of the advantages of a double buggy is its ability to navigate through standard doorways without any issue. The width of a standard wheelchair is typically around 25 inches (63.5 cm), and most double buggies are designed to be within this width range.

By being side by side, both children have a clear line of sight and can easily see things around them. This arrangement also ensures that the width of the double buggy remains manageable and allows it to pass through doorways without any complications. Unlike tandem double buggies, where one child sits behind the other, side by side double buggies are designed to be narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.

It’s worth noting that the specific dimensions of double buggies may vary between different brands and models. However, most manufacturers take into consideration the need for a double buggy to fit through doors, so they ensure that their designs are compatible with standard door sizes.

When using a double buggy, it is important to be aware of the width of the doorway you are attempting to pass through. While most standard doorways are wide enough to accommodate a double buggy, there may be some instances where you encounter narrower doorways, such as those in older buildings or certain public facilities. In such cases, it may require a bit more maneuvering or possibly folding the double buggy temporarily to navigate through the narrower space.

In my personal experience, I have used a double buggy that easily fit through standard doorways. It provided a convenient and practical solution for transporting two children simultaneously. Whether it was taking them to the park, running errands, or simply going for a walk, the double buggy proved to be a reliable option that allowed me to easily move through doorways without any hassle.

Double buggies are designed to fit through doors, thanks to their side by side arrangement and the consideration given to standard door widths. While there may be some instances where narrower doorways pose a slight challenge, overall, double buggies offer a practical and convenient solution for parents or caregivers transporting two children simultaneously.