Do deer eat Alberta spruce trees?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Deer do eat Alberta spruce trees. While it is true that Alberta spruces are generally considered to be deer resistant, this does not mean that they are completely immune to deer browsing. In fact, deer will often feed on Alberta spruce trees when other food sources are scarce or when the trees are young and tender.

I have personally experienced deer damage on Alberta spruce trees in my own garden. I planted several young spruce trees and initially believed that they would be safe from deer browsing. However, to my dismay, I discovered that the deer in my area were quite fond of nibbling on the new growth of these trees.

Deer tend to be attracted to the tender new growth of evergreen trees, and Alberta spruces are no exception. The soft, needle-like foliage of the spruce trees can be quite appealing to hungry deer. They may browse on the lower branches, stripping the needles and damaging the tree’s overall shape and aesthetic appeal.

To protect your Alberta spruce trees from deer browsing, there are a few measures you can take. One option is to install a physical barrier around the trees, such as a fence or netting, to prevent deer from reaching the foliage. This can be particularly effective when the trees are young and more vulnerable to damage.

Another option is to use deer repellents. There are various commercial repellents available that can deter deer from feeding on your spruce trees. These repellents typically contain strong-smelling substances that deer find unpleasant, such as garlic or rotten eggs. Applying these repellents to the foliage of the trees can help to deter deer browsing.

It is worth noting that no method is foolproof when it comes to deterring deer. These animals can be persistent and may still attempt to feed on your spruce trees despite your best efforts. However, by combining physical barriers and repellents, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of deer damage.

While Alberta spruce trees are generally considered to be deer resistant, they are not completely immune to deer browsing. Deer may still feed on the new growth of these trees, particularly when other food sources are scarce. Taking measures such as installing physical barriers or using deer repellents can help to protect your spruce trees from deer damage.