Do butterflies like lemons?

Answered by John Hunt

Butterflies are attracted to a variety of sweet and fragrant substances, including the nectar of flowers. Lemons, with their citrusy scent, can also be appealing to these fluttery creatures. While butterflies may not necessarily seek out lemons specifically, they are likely to be attracted to the sweet juices present in the fruit.

Lemon peels can be a great way to provide a tasty treat for butterflies. By placing the peels in a shallow dish with a little water, you can help draw out the juices and create a feeding station for these lovely insects. The water also helps keep the peels moist, making it easier for the butterflies to feed on the juices.

To set up a lemon peel feeding station, simply find a shallow dish or saucer and fill it with water. Place the lemon peels in the dish, ensuring that they are partially submerged in the water. You can also squeeze the peels slightly to release more of the juices. It’s important to change the water regularly to prevent it from becoming stagnant or contaminated.

Once you have set up the lemon peel feeding station, keep an eye out for butterflies in your garden or nearby areas. Butterflies have a keen sense of smell and can detect the sweet aromas from a distance. They will be attracted to the dish and may start feeding on the juices.

It’s worth noting that not all butterfly species may be equally attracted to lemons or lemon peels. Some butterflies have specific preferences for certain types of flowers or food sources. However, many species are generalists and will be happy to feed on the sweet juices of the lemon peels.

In my personal experience, I have observed butterflies visiting lemon peel feeding stations in my garden. It’s a delight to see these colorful insects fluttering around and enjoying the treat. It’s also a great way to attract butterflies to your garden and provide them with a supplementary food source, especially during dry or hot periods when nectar may be scarce.

While butterflies may not have a specific affinity for lemons, they are attracted to the sweet juices present in the fruit. Setting up a lemon peel feeding station can be a wonderful way to attract butterflies to your garden and provide them with a tasty treat. So, the next time you make fresh lemonade, don’t forget to save the lemon peels and create a dining experience for your fluttery friends.