Do aquarium snails eat fish poop?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Aquarium snails do not typically eat fish poop. While they are known to eat a wide variety of things, including decaying plant material and leftover fish food, they generally do not consume fish waste. Snails are more likely to feed on algae growth in the tank, detritus, and uneaten food.

It’s important to note that snails are not a replacement for regular water changes and tank maintenance. While they can help keep the tank clear of uneaten food and dead leaves, they do not have the ability to fully clean the tank of waste, including fish poop. Regular water changes and proper filtration are necessary to maintain a healthy and clean aquarium environment.

In my personal experience, I’ve observed that snails tend to focus on eating algae and other organic matter that is readily available in the tank. They are often seen grazing on surfaces, such as glass, rocks, and plants, where algae and biofilm accumulate. However, I have not noticed them actively consuming fish waste.

It’s worth mentioning that some species of snails, such as the Malaysian Trumpet Snails, are known for burrowing into the substrate and feeding on detritus and decaying organic matter. While they may indirectly consume some fish waste in the process, their primary diet still consists of other food sources in the tank.

To summarize, while aquarium snails may help keep the tank clear of certain types of organic matter, they do not eat fish poop. Regular water changes, proper filtration, and maintaining a balanced fish-to-tank ratio are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy aquarium environment.