Do any other refills fit Wallflowers?

Answered by James Kissner

Other refills do not fit Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. The Wallflower plugs are specifically designed to work with the Bath and Body Works Wallflower refills. These refills are specially formulated and made to fit the Wallflower plug-in diffusers.

I have personally tried using other refills in my Wallflower plug, and they did not fit properly. The shape and size of the refills were different, and they simply did not click into place like the Bath and Body Works refills do. This is because the Wallflower plug has a specific design that only accommodates the Bath and Body Works refills.

It’s important to use the correct refills for your Wallflower plug to ensure proper functioning and avoid any potential issues. Using other refills may not only prevent the plug from working properly but could also potentially damage the plug or even pose a safety hazard.

If you are looking for alternative scents or brands, I would recommend exploring the wide range of options available from Bath and Body Works. They offer a variety of scents in their Wallflower refill collection, including seasonal options, fruity scents, floral scents, and more. This allows you to switch up the fragrance in your home whenever you desire.

It’s best to stick with the Bath and Body Works Wallflower refills for your Wallflower plug. These refills are specifically designed to fit and work with the plug, ensuring proper functioning and safety.