Did Walt try to poison Lydia?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Walt did ultimately poison Lydia in Breaking Bad. This revelation came in the second half of the show’s fifth season, resolving the mystery surrounding the ricin and its intended target. Throughout the series, Walt’s actions were often driven by his desire for power and control, and poisoning Lydia was another calculated move to secure his dominance in the methamphetamine empire.

To fully understand why Walt chose to poison Lydia, we need to delve into the events leading up to this point. In the first half of season five, Walt had built an incredibly successful drug operation, producing the purest and most sought-after blue methamphetamine. However, as he grew more powerful, he faced increasing threats from various fronts, including rival drug cartels and the DEA.

In order to protect himself and his empire, Walt decided to retire from the meth business and disappear. He arranged for his associate, Jesse Pinkman, to take over the production and distribution of the blue meth, while he planned his escape. But before leaving, Walt had one last loose end to tie up – Lydia.

Lydia was a businesswoman involved in the distribution of methamphetamine, and she had been working closely with Walt. However, Walt had grown increasingly frustrated with Lydia’s constant demands for higher purity levels and her lack of loyalty. He saw her as unreliable and a potential threat to his empire’s future.

Walt knew that if he left Lydia in charge, she could easily compromise the quality and integrity of the blue meth, tarnishing his legacy. He also knew that she had connections to international markets that could jeopardize his plans to keep his meth confined to the United States. Thus, poisoning Lydia became a means to eliminate her as a potential problem.

The ricin had been introduced as a plot device in earlier seasons, with Walt manufacturing it as a way to deal with his enemies. Initially, the ricin was intended for use against his former partner, Jesse, as their relationship deteriorated. However, Walt’s plans changed, and he decided not to use the ricin on Jesse.

Instead, he saved the ricin for a more strategic purpose – getting rid of Lydia. In the final episodes of Breaking Bad, Walt infiltrated Lydia’s tea supply, poisoning her without her knowledge. This method allowed him to eliminate her discreetly and ensured that she would not be a threat to his empire or his family’s safety.

The poisoning of Lydia was a calculated move by Walt, showcasing his ruthless nature and willingness to eliminate anyone who could potentially undermine his power. It was a fitting end for Lydia, who had been a thorn in Walt’s side throughout the series.

Walt did try to poison Lydia in Breaking Bad, using the ricin as a means to eliminate her as a threat to his empire. This act further solidified his transformation into a morally corrupt and dangerous character, willing to do whatever it took to protect his interests.