Did Remington gun manufacturer go out of business?

Answered by Tom Adger

Remington, one of the oldest and most iconic firearms manufacturers in the United States, has indeed undergone significant changes recently. The company, known as Remington Outdoor Company Inc., filed for bankruptcy on July 27, 2020, marking a major turning point in its history.

Following the bankruptcy filing, Remington’s assets were put up for auction, and the various divisions of the company were sold off to different entities. This marked the end of Remington as a single, unified entity.

The auction process resulted in the sale of Remington’s firearms and ammunition businesses to Vista Outdoor Inc., a company that specializes in outdoor sports and recreation products. Vista Outdoor is now the proud owner of the Remington brand and all associated firearms and ammunition manufacturing.

Another significant development was the sale of Remington’s ammunition business to Roundhill Group LLC, a company that has expressed its intention to revitalize the ammunition division and continue producing Remington-branded ammunition.

Additionally, the firearms manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York, which has been the historical home of Remington, was acquired by the newly formed RemArms LLC. This new entity is focused solely on firearms and plans to continue manufacturing Remington firearms at the Ilion plant.

It is important to note that while the Remington brand remains intact, the company itself has undergone a significant restructuring. The bankruptcy filing and subsequent asset sales were necessary steps to address Remington’s financial challenges and position the various divisions for future success.

The decision to file for bankruptcy was not taken lightly, and it was a difficult time for Remington and its employees. It is always unfortunate to see a historic and well-known company go through such turmoil. However, the hope is that these changes will provide a fresh start and enable the Remington brand to thrive under new ownership.

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