Did Hera quit AoE4?

Answered by John Hunt

Hera did not quit Age of Empires IV. After his loss in the quarterfinals of the main event against RecoN, he made an announcement on February 21, 2022, stating that he would be focusing his streaming on League of Legends. This led some fans to believe that he was leaving Age of Empires II and shifting his focus entirely to League of Legends. However, he later returned to Age of Empires II in April of the same year, indicating that he had not quit the game entirely.

Hera’s decision to focus on streaming League of Legends may have been influenced by various factors. As a professional gamer and streamer, it is essential for him to adapt to the interests and preferences of his audience. Perhaps he noticed a decline in viewership or engagement when playing Age of Empires II and saw an opportunity to attract a larger audience by streaming League of Legends. Additionally, Hera may have been interested in exploring new gaming opportunities and challenges outside of Age of Empires II.

It is worth noting that many professional gamers and streamers often switch between different games to keep their content fresh and cater to a wider audience. This allows them to maintain their passion for gaming and avoid burnout. Hera’s decision to temporarily focus on League of Legends could be seen in this light.

However, despite his brief hiatus from Age of Empires II, Hera ultimately decided to return to the game. The exact reasons for his return are unknown, but it is possible that he missed the Age of Empires II community, the competitive scene, or simply found renewed enjoyment in the game after taking a break.

Regarding Age of Empires IV, Hera explicitly stated that he would no longer play the game. The reasons for this decision are unclear, as he has not provided detailed explanations. It could be due to personal preferences, dissatisfaction with the game, or a desire to focus on other projects. Regardless of the reasons, Hera’s announcement confirmed that he would not be actively playing Age of Empires IV.

While Hera temporarily shifted his streaming focus to League of Legends, he did not quit Age of Empires II. He made a comeback to the game in April of the same year, indicating his continued involvement and interest in Age of Empires II. However, he stated that he would no longer play Age of Empires IV, although the specific reasons for this decision are unknown. As a professional gamer and streamer, Hera’s choices and shifts in focus are influenced by various factors, including audience preferences, personal interests, and the desire to explore new gaming opportunities.