Did Andra day change her name?

Answered by Edward Huber

Andra Day did change her name. Her birth name is Cassandra Monique Batie, but she adopted the stage name Andra Day for her career in the music industry. Changing one’s name in the entertainment industry is not uncommon, as many artists choose to create a stage persona or adopt a name that better suits their image or brand.

The decision to change her name was influenced by the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday, who was known as “Lady Day.” Andra Day has cited Billie Holiday as one of her biggest musical inspirations and wanted to pay homage to her by incorporating “Day” into her stage name. By adopting the name Andra Day, she not only honors the iconic artist but also establishes a connection to the jazz and soul music that has influenced her own style.

It’s worth noting that changing one’s name for professional purposes is not exclusive to the music industry. Many actors, writers, and other artists have chosen to use stage names or pen names throughout history. Sometimes, these names are chosen to create a distinct identity or to avoid confusion with other individuals who may already be using the same name.

In Andra Day’s case, changing her name to Andra Day allowed her to create a unique and memorable persona that aligns with her musical style and influences. It provides her with a stage name that is both meaningful and reflective of her admiration for Billie Holiday.

The decision to change her name from Cassandra Monique Batie to Andra Day was a deliberate choice made by the singer to establish her identity as an artist and pay tribute to one of her musical icons.