Danilo Restivo – Is He Guilty Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

Danilo Restivo is a convicted murderer and rapist who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal killing of his neighbor, Elisa Claps. On the night of September 12th, 1993, Restivo broke into the home of Elisa Claps in Potenza, Italy. He sexually assaulted her and then brutally stabbed her over 40 times before fleeing the scene.

Restivo was identified as a suspect shortly after the murder but was able to evade capture for 17 years. During that time he moved to England where he lived with his wife and children. In 2010, police discovered Claps’ mummified body hidden in the ceiling of a church where she had gone to meet Restivo shortly before her death.

In 2012, Restivo was extradited back to Italy where he was tried and convicted on both murder and rape charges. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for his crimes and is currently serving his sentence in an Italian prison.

Despite the severity of Restivo’s crimes, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding his guilt. For example, experts had found traces of blood on his trainers but were unable to extract a DNA sample until 2008 when they finally made a link between DNA material found on a green towel recovered from Barnett’s flat and Restivo.

The case remains one of Italy’s most notorious unsolved murders with many people still questioning whether or not Restivo is truly guilty of the crime he has been convicted of committing.

The Arrest of Danilo Restivo: How Did It Happen?

In 2008, after four years of complex investigation, Danilo Restivo was finally linked to the murder of Heather Barnett through DNA evidence. Scientists had previously found traces of blood on Restivo’s trainers but had not been able to extract a DNA sample. However, they were then able to make a link between DNA material found on a green towel recovered from Barnett’s flat and Restivo. This led them to conclude that Restivo had been present at the crime scene and was therefore responsible for her death. He was subsequently arrested and charged with her murder.

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The Current Location of Danilo Restivo

Danilo Restivo is currently serving a life sentence in an Italian prison for the murder of Elisa Claps. In 2010, he was found guilty of strangling Claps to death at a church in Potenza, Italy in 1993. He has been incarcerated since then and is not eligible for parole.

Compensation for Levon Brooks

Levon Brooks was granted $500,000 in statutory compensation from the state of Mississippi when all charges against him were dismissed on March 13th. This amount was awarded to both him and Kennedy Brewer, the other man who had been wrongfully convicted of the same crime. The money was intended to compensate them for the time they spent incarcerated due to the wrongful convictions.

The Discovery of Marjorie Nugent

Marjorie Nugent’s body was discovered in 1996 by her son, Rod Nugent, and granddaughter, Shanna Nugent. According to reports, they had grown suspicious of Marjorie’s whereabouts after months of not hearing from her. After traveling to Carthage, Texas to investigate further, they found her corpse in the family’s deep freeze. The subsequent investigation revealed that Bernie Tiede, Marjorie’s friend and companion, had committed the murder.

Where Is Heather Barbera?

Heather Barbera is currently serving a 42-year prison sentence in an Atlantic County correctional facility after pleading guilty to the killings of her mother and grandmother. The 43-year-old woman from Ventnor, New Jersey was sentenced by a judge on Thursday.


Danilo Restivo was found guilty of the murder of Elisa Claps in November 2011. His conviction was based on the strong evidence found by UK police and Italian authorities, which included traces of blood on his trainers, a link between DNA material found on a green towel recovered from Barnett’s flat, and Restivo; as well as the discovery of Claps’ mummified body in the loft beneath a pile of old tiles in Potenza. After a lengthy trial, Restivo was sentenced to life in prison without parole for his heinous crime. He will never be released from incarceration and will spend the rest of his days behind bars for the brutal murder of Elisa Claps.

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