Finding Curtis Weaver in GTA Online: The Definitive Guide!

Curtis Weaver is one of the most notorious criminals in Grand Theft Auto Online, and players are tasked with tracking him down in order to complete a bounty mission. If you’re looking for help finding Curtis Weaver, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to locate him and some helpful tips for taking him out.

First thing’s first: you need to know where to find Curtis Weaver. He can be found at the East Hawick train station in the Grand Senora Desert region of San Andreas, just north of Los Santos. He should appear on your map as a red blip while you are in the area. Keep an eye out for his signature blue sports car, which will give away his location even more easily.

Once you’ve located Curtis Weaver, it’s time to take him down! The best way to do this is with a combination of stealth and firepower. Try sneaking up on him first so you can get close enough for a headshot or two before he realizes what’s ging on. If that doesn’t work, use explosive weapons or heavy firepower to take out his car quickly and efficiently.

Curtis Weaver is a formidable opponent and won’t go down without a fight. Keep your wits about you and use the terrain around you to your advantage – there are plenty of walls and obstacles that can provide cover from his gunfire. Once he’s been taken care of, make sure to collect your reward from Maude before moving on!

We hope this guide has been helpful in locating Curtis Weaver and completing the bounty mission! Good luck, and happy hunting!

Location of the Hobo Camp in GTA V

The hobo camp in Grand Theft Auto V is located at Dignity Village, near Procopio Beach. To reach it, head south from Route 1 and look for a train overpass. Once you pass through the overpass, you will find yourself in the heart of Dignity Village. Here, you will find a makeshift camp with tents set up by the homeless people living in the area. You can interact with some of them, and even complete a few missions required to progress in the game.

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Number of Maude Missions in GTA 5

There are twenty Maude missions available in GTA 5. These missions are unlocked after completing the mission “Minor Turbulence” and must be completed in order to unlock further story missions. Each of the Maude missions involves tracking down a bounty target, either by finding clues or interrogating other characters in the game world. The locations of these targets can be found on your in-game map, or here on this guide. Completing all twenty Maude missions is necessary for 100% completion of GTA 5 and will reward you with money, experience points, and various collectibles.

Finding Ralph Ostrowski in GTA 5

To find Ralph Ostrowski in GTA 5, you must first go to the bottom of Davis Quartz at night. Once there, you should look for a group of cars parked around the area. The target, Ralph Ostrowski, will be the only person there. When you get close enough to him, your radar will mark him and he will enter a nearby vehicle. At this point, you should begin to chase him and attempt to damage his car. Be aware that if he manages to escape your pursuit, he may become hostile and try to attack you.

Exploring Secret Places in GTA 5

Yes, there are many secret places in GTA 5. The Tongva Valley is home to one such secret place – the Tongva Hills Cave. This cave is located right in the middle of the Valley and provides shelter for players who explore it. Inside this cave, players can find a part of a spaceship as well as other hidden gems that are sure to excite any player. Other secret places can be found all aound San Andreas, including hidden islands, military bases and underground tunnels. Exploring these places can bring some unique rewards and experiences to any player willing to take the time to look.

Location of the Creepy Girl in GTA 5

The creepy girl in Grand Theft Auto 5 can be found on top of Mount Gordo beteen the hours of 11pm and midnight. She appears as a ghostly figure, illuminated by an eerie green light and with a petrified expression of terror on her face. The wind blows around her while she stands atop the cliffs overlooking the campsite below. To get to her, players must first make their way up the mountain using one of several routes or take a helicopter directly to her location. Once there, they can observe her from afar or approach her if they so choose – although it’s advised against as she is known to disappear at random.

Obtaining Maude AXE

In order to get Maude’s hatchet (the “AXE”), you must first complete five bounty missions. These missions can be accessed from the in-game phone, sent to you by Maude.

Once you accept the mission, you will be sent to a specific location where you will have to track down and apprehend your target. After completing each mission, Maude will reward you with money and a special item that will eventually lead up to the AXE.

Once all five bounty missions are completed, Maude will give you the AXE as a reward. The AXE is not just a weapon but also unlocks frther challenges with even more rewards. So make sure to take on those extra missions and reap the rewards!

Locating Trevor’s Target

The guy Trevor has to find is located on the peak of Mount Chiliad, a large mountain found in the Grand Theft Auto V map. When approached by Trevor, the man will parachute away from the mountaintop, making it difficult to track him down.

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The Eight Heists in GTA 5

The 8 heists avilable in GTA 5 are: The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding, The Pacific Standard, The Doomsday Heist, The Diamond Casino Heist and The Cayo Perico Heist.

The Fleeca Job is a two-player heist that involves robbing a bank and escaping with the money.
The Prison Break is a four-player heist that requires breaking into a prison to rescue an important character.
The Humane Labs Raid is a four-player heist that requires infiltrating a top-secret laboratory to steal valuable data.
Series A Funding is a four-player heist that involves stealing funding from several major businesses.
The Pacific Standard is a four-player heist that requires robbing an armored car in the Pacific Ocean.
The Doomsday Heist is an epic three act mission that involves protecting the world from global destruction.
The Diamond Casino Heist involves breaking into the Diamond Casino and stealing its contents.
Finally, The Cayo Perico Heist takes place on an isolated island and requires infiltrating an enemy compound to retrieve valuable items.

Triggering the Maude Bounty

To trigger the Maude bounty, you first have to join an online session and play in Freemode. After five minutes, you will receive a text message from Maude with details about the bounty. This will include a photo of the target and some other information about the job. Once you accept the job, you will be given a time limit to locate and apprehend the target. You will then have to bring them back to Maude’s location in order for her to pay you your reward money.

Finding Yusuf in Grand Theft Auto 5

Yusuf does not appear in the game itself, however he can be found in Grand Theft Auto Online. To access him, the player must first enter GTA Online and purchase a nightclub from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. After gaining access to a nightclub, the player will then be able to view Yusuf as an availble buyer for their vehicle export business. The player can then visit Yusuf’s office in the club and he will offer to buy a collection of two vehicles; a Roosevelt Valor and a Z-Type. After agreeing to the deal, Yusuf will pay the player for their vehicles in cash.


Curtis Weaver, the fourth Maude bounty target in GTA Online, can be found in the Dignity Village homeless encampment near Procopio Beach. The exact location of this encampment is south of Route 1, accessible through a train overpass. When you arrive at the camp, Curtis Weaver will be the only person present and the radar will mark him ready for you to take him in. Make sure to chase him and try to damage his car so he can’t escape and you can complete your mission.

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