Opening The Concealed Void Lost Sector To The World

Are you looking for the hidden Lost Sectors and Concealed Void locations in Destiny 2? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find every one of these secret locations.

A Lost Sector is an end-game activity where Guardians can locate and explore forgotten areas of a planet or area, fighting their way through enemies before opening a treasure chest at the end of the sector. On the other hand, a Concealed Void is a hidden area within an already discovered Lost Sector that requires special keys to access it. These keys are obtained by completing certain activities such as Lost Sectors or Adventures, and they have dfferent levels of difficulty.

To access each Destiny 2 Lost Sector and Concealed Void location, you’ll need to complete the normal version of the Lost Sector and reach 1510 Power Level first. In some cases, you may also need to complete all the normal Lost Sectors before any of them will even appear on your map. Once you’ve done this, there are four Champions that must be defeated for Legend Lost Sectors to appear on your map. Each day, both their location and modifiers change so make sure to check back often if you want new challenges!

Once inside a Legend Lost Sector, prepare yourself for epic battles against fearsome bosses as rewards await those brave enough to conquer them! You can expect powerful gear, rare resources and other unique rewards upon completion of each Legend Lost Sector mission.

We hope this guide helps you find each Destiny 2 Hidden Lost Sector and Concealed Void location with ease! Good luck out there Guardians!

Unlocking the Concealed Void Lost Sector

To unlock the Concealed Void Lost Sector, you must first reach a Power Level of 1510. Once you reach this level, the Concealed Void Lost Sector will appear in the Director. After that, you’ll need to complete the normal version of the Lost Sector in order to access it. Upon completion of the normal version, you’ll be able to enter and explore the Concealed Void Lost Sector.

concealed void lost sector location

Triggering the Legendary Lost Sector

To trigger the Legendary Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, you must first complete all the normal Lost Sectors. Once this has been done, the Legendary Lost Sectors will appear on your map and will rotate each day with new locations, modifiers, and rewards. To access a Legendary Lost Sector, simply open your map and select it from the list. You can then launch into the activity from within that menu or by fast traveling to its location marker on the map.

Accessing the Haunted Lost Sector

In order to access the Haunted Lost Sector, you must first go to Eva Levante in the Tower. She will give you a Festival of the Lost Event Card which will allow you to select the Haunted Sectors playlist from the Tower. Once you have chosen this playlist, you will be taken to a special version of the game where all of your enemies are “Headless Ones”. You must slay these enemies in order to proceed though the Haunted Lost Sector, collecting candy along the way while wearing a mask (which can be obtained from Eva Levante). Once you have completed all of the objectives, you will be rewarded with rewards and access to new areas of the game.

Unlocking All Legends in Lost Sectors

In order to unlock all the Legendary Lost Sectors, you must frst complete the normal Lost Sectors. This involves entering the Lost Sector, defeating the boss and looting the cache at the end. Once you have completed this, you will then be able to access both the Legendary and Master Lost Sectors. However, for some of these more challenging Lost Sectors, you may need to complete additional tasks such as completing specific bounties or unlocking certain areas of a map before they are available. Additionally, it is also important to remember that some Legendary Lost Sectors require higher power levels in order to access them.

Unlocking Lost Sectors Through Beyond Light

Yes, if you want to unlock the new Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, you will need to complete the Beyond Light campaign. This is because reaching at least Power 1200 is essential for unlocking these sectors; and this can only be achieved by completing the Beyond Light campaign. Once you’ve done this, all of the new Lost Sectors can be found on the maps of Cosmodrome and Europa.

concealed void lost sector location

How Many Times Can You Run the Master Lost Sector?

The Master Lost Sector can be farmed an unlimited number of times. As long as you have the appropriate power level to enter it, you can keep running it until you receive the desired rewards. The Master Lost Sector is a great way to farm powerful rewards, including exotic armor pieces. However, it should be noted that Shadowkeep exotics are not included in possible exotic armor drops from this activity.

How Rare is an Exotic from the Legend Lost Sector?

Exotic items from Legend Lost Sectors are quite rare. Although there is a 25 percent chance of receiving an Exotic at the end of each run, this does not guarantee that an Exotic item will drop within four runs. As a result, the exact rate of obtaining an Exotic item from a Legend Lost Sector is difficult to calculate. That said, it is safe to say that obtaining an Exotic item from a Legend Lost Sector is indeed rare and should not be expected with each run.

Obtaining Caliban’s Hand

Caliban’s Hand is an exotic gauntlet for the Titan Class in Destiny 2. To obtain it, you will need to farm Legend or Master Lost Sectors when the daily rotation is for gauntlets.

Start by selecting a Legend or Master Lost Sector from the map. These can be identified by the Legendary or Master symbol next to their name. When you enter the Lost Sector, make sure to clear out all of the enemies in the area and then open up the chest at the end of the Lost Sector. This chest will contain rewards specific to that particular rotation, and this culd include Caliban’s Hand if it is on rotation.

If Caliban’s Hand isn’t on rotation, you can always use a Reset Shard to reset your current character-specific loot pool and try again. This method requires more effort than simply waiting for Caliban’s Hand to be on rotation, but it can be worth it if you are determined to get your hands on this coveted exotic gauntlet!

The Absence of the Master Lost Sector

The Master Lost Sector will not show up on the Director map until your character has reached Power Level 1500. This is the soft cap for Legend and Master Lost Sectors to appear in the game. Additionally, you must have cleared the Lost Sector on Standard difficulty at least once with that character, in order for it to show up on the Director map. If you meet these requirements and it still isn’t showing up, please try restarting your game client or console.

Exotic Rewards from Legendary Lost Sectors

For Hunters, the exotic rewards from Legendary Lost Sectors are Blight Ranger (head), Omnioculus (chest), Caliban’s Hand (arms) and Star-Eater Scales (legs). Titans can receive Mask of Bakris (head), Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk (chest, new for Season of Plunder), Renewal Grasps (arms) and Radiant Dance Machines (legs). Warlocks will be rewarded with Blight Ranger (head), Omnioculus (chest), Athrys’s Embrace (arms) and Star-Eater Scales (legs).

Number of Headless Ones in Lost Sectors

The number of Headless Ones in each Lost Sector varies depending on the region and difficulty level. Most Lost Sectors have at least one Headless One, but some have up to three. On higher difficulty levels, you may encounter multiple Headless Ones in a single Lost Sector. In addition, some areas may feature additional Headless Ones as part of a special event or mission. So while the exact number of Headless Ones in each Lost Sector can vary, it is safe to assume that there will always be at least one.


Lost Sectors offer a great way to get rewards at vrious Power levels. They are great for farming resources, rare items, and powerful gear. In order to access Legend Lost Sectors, you must first complete all the normal Lost Sectors and reach 1510 Power Level. You can also take part in the Festival of the Lost activity by visiting Eva Levante in the Tower and completing activities while wearing a mask. It’s a great way to get even better rewards, but it requires you to be prepared for a challenge. With so many options available, Lost Sectors are sure to be an enjoyable experience for any Destiny 2 player.

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