Colonel Horacio Carrillo: The Man Behind Narcos’ Search Bloc

Colonel Horacio Carrillo, the leader of the Colombian forces tasked with taking down notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar in Netflix’s Narcos, is a fictionalized version of a real-life figure in Colombia’s history. Colonel Hugo Martinez, who was charged with hunting Escobar down in real life, served as inspiration for the character.

Carrillo was a Colonel of the Colombian national police and the first leader of Search Bloc, an elite task force established to capture Escobar. He was active from 1989-1992 befoe his death in 1992. He was known for his bravery and determination in hunting down Escobar, even when it seemed like an impossible task. His dedication to this mission cost him his life as he was eventually killed by Escobar himself.

The circumstances surrounding Carrillo’s death are depicted differently on the show than they were in real life. In Narcos, Carrillo is killed by Escobar after shooting him in the leg with a bullet sent to him by one of the captured spotters as a warning to stop pursuing him. In reality however, it is believed that Carrillo was actually killed by one of Escobar’s hired hitmen after confronting them outside a nightclub.

Despite being fictionalized for dramatic effect, Colonel Horacio Carrillo is still remembered fondly as one of Colombia’s bravest law enforcement officers and as an example of courage and perseverance in the face of danger and adversity. His death serves as a sobering reminder of what can happen when individuals put their own lives at risk to fight crime and protect their fellow citizens.

Colonel Carrillo: Who is He Based On?

Colonel Horacio Carrillo, as portrayed in the Netflix series Narcos, is based on the real-life Hugo Martínez. A colonel in the Colombian armed forces and a founding member of the Search Bloc anti-narcotics unit, Martinez was known for his aggressive tactics and relentless mission to take down drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. According to Narcos executive producer José Padilha, Martinez was “a true hero. He risked his life every day [in order] to make sure that Pablo Escobar wouldn’t come back.” His accomplishments inspired Maurice Compte to portray him as Colonel Horacio Carrillo onscreen. In later seasons of the show, Martinez himslf was introduced as a separate character portrayed by Juan Pablo Shuk.

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Is Pablo Emilio Escobar Carrillo a Real Person?

No, Horatio Carrillo from the Netflix series Narcos is not a real person. He is believed to be based on Colombian Colonel Hugo Martinez, who was in charge of hunting down drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. However, many details about Carrillo, including his background and personality, were fictionalized for the show. Escobar’s wife was also fictionalized; he was actually married to Maria Victoria Henao Vallejos in real life.

Who Was Responsible for the Death of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar’s Chief of Security, Colonel Hugo Martinez Carrillo?

Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian drug lord, killed Colonel Hugo Martinez Carrillo in Narcos. Escobar had sent a warning shot to Carrillo via one of the captured spotters and when he arrived at the scene, he taunted him and then shot him several times in order to avenge his cousin Gustavo.

Is Colonel Carrillo Still Alive?

No, Colonel Horacio Carrillo is not alive. He died in 1992 at the age of 46. During his time as the leader of Search Bloc, he was instrumental in leading the Colombian National Police in their efforts to capture drug lord Pablo Escobar. He was killed in a gun fight with Escobar’s henchmen in Medellín on December 2, 1992. His death marked an important milestone in the war against drug trafficking and organized crime in Colombia.

Did Pablo Commit the Murder of Carrillo?

No, Pablo Escobar did not shoot Colonel Carrillo. According to Sebastian Marroquin, the son of Pablo Escobar, his father was responsible for attacking many policemen and killing over 500 people in one month in Medellin in the late 1980s, but Colonel Carrillo was not among them. Despite this, Escobar’s violent actions during his time as a drug kingpin cannot be overlooked.

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The Reality of the Search Bloc

Yes, the Search Bloc was a real special operations unit of the National Police of Colombia. From 1989 to 1993, the first Search Bloc was created as part of Colombia’s efforts to battle drug trafficking and organized crime. The unit was composed of elite Colombian police officers and military personnel who were specially trained and equipped to carry out high-risk missions. Their primary mission was to capture or eliminate powerful drug kingpins, including most notably Pablo Escobar in 1993.

The second Search Bloc was formed in 1998, follwing Escobar’s death. This unit focused on dismantling illegal armed groups throughout Colombia, such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). This unit operated until 2002 when it was disbanded and replaced by a third Search Bloc in 2003. This third generation concentrated its efforts against other major criminal organizations in Colombia, most notably paramilitary groups such as the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC). The Search Bloc continued its operations until 2007 when it was disbanded due to Colombian government reforms.

The Net Worth of Amado Carrillo

Amado Carrillo Fuentes was a Mexican drug lord who was estimated to have a net worth of approximately $25 billion (or aound $40 billion in today’s money) at the time of his death. He took control of the Juárez Cartel after murdering his supervisor Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. His wealth came from drug trafficking, extortion, bribery and money laundering activities that he ran with his cartel. In addition to this, he had investments in various businesses, including real estate, aviation and banking. The majority of his fortune was made up of hidden cash stashes and properties located throughout Mexico and Central America. At the peak of his career, Amado Carrillo Fuentes was one of the richest criminals in the world.

Factual Accuracy of Narcos

Narcos is a dramatized account of the life and times of Pablo Escobar, so while the basic premise of the show is based on true events, there are some aspects that are not entirely accurate. For one, Roberto Escobar, the brother of Pablo Escobar, is not featured in the show at all. Steve Murphy only arrived in Colombia in 1991, whereas in Narcos he arrives earlier. Additionally, certin characters such as Cockroach and Lion are completely fictional creations. Horacio Carrillo was also not a real person. Furthermore, La Quica’s actual name was Dadeny Muñoz Mosquera instead of Juan Diego Diaz as portrayed in the show.

The Reason Behind Blackie’s Lie to Pablo

Blackie lied to Pablo in order to give him some good news, even though he knew that Escobar would likely not fully believe him. By lying, Blackie was trying to show his loyalty and gratitude towards the boss for taking care of him and his family. In a way, it was a sign of appreciation for Escobar’s kindness and generosity towards them. Additionally, Blackie may have been trying to protect Tata and their children from Escobar’s wrath by making it appear as if they were safe inside the hotel.

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How Much of Narcos is Based on Real Events?

Narcos is based on the real-life story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his rise to power in the late 1970s and 1980s. While some details of the show have been changed for dramatic effect, much of it is true to life. For example, Escobar rally did have a wife named Maria Victoria who was pregnant when he died in 1993, and his Medellin Cartel really did control cocaine trafficking in Colombia and Central America. The show also accurately portrays the political climate in Colombia during this time period, including its relationship with the US government and its efforts to bring down the cartel. Other characters featured on Narcos, such as Colombian Drug Enforcement Agency agent Javier Peña and Colombian Supreme Court Justice Minerva Lopez, are all based on real people who were involved in the hunt for Escobar. Finally, while some events portrayed on the show, particularly those surrounding DEA agent Steve Murphy’s personal life, are fictionalized versions of actual events, they reflect what life was like during this time period in Colombia.

Did Pena Collaborate With Los Pepes?

Yes, Javier Peña worked with Los Pepes. He was a DEA agent assigned to the Search Bloc and he provided Los Pepes with intelligence from his position in the organization. This included information on the Medellín cartel, which allowed Los Pepes to recruit members of the Gallon gang after they defected from the cartel. Peña also had contact with other high-ranking members of the Search Bloc, such as Colombian police officer Trujillo, who provided information that aided Los Pepes in their fight against Pablo Escobar’s drug empire.


In conclusion, Colonel Horacio Carrillo is a fictional character inspired by the real life Colombian police officer Hugo Martinez. He was the leader of Search Bloc, tasked with hunting down drug lord Pablo Escobar. In the Netflix series Narcos, he was portrayed by Maurice Compte and latr introduced as a separate character portrayed by Juan Pablo Shuk. He met his demise in the series when he was shot multiple times by Escobar in an act of revenge for Carrillo killing his cousin Gustavo. Despite being fictionalized, Horacio Carrillo served as a representation of the real-life bravery and courage that Hugo Martinez exhibited while fighting against drug cartels and drug lords in Colombia.

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