Can you track someone’s Instagram activity?

Answered by Willian Lymon

It is possible to track someone’s Instagram activity using a service called Snoopreport. This service allows users to monitor the actions of other Instagram users they follow. It provides detailed reports on various activities such as the posts and comments a user liked, the new users they followed, and the comments they left.

In the past, Instagram had a Following Tab feature that allowed users to see the actions of the people they followed. However, Instagram removed this feature, making it difficult for users to track the activity of others. This is where Snoopreport comes in handy.

Snoopreport is a third-party service that specializes in monitoring Instagram activity. It collects data from public sources and compiles it into detailed reports for its users. By using this service, you can gain valuable insights into the actions and interests of the Instagram users you follow.

To track someone’s Instagram activity with Snoopreport, you need to create an account on their website and link it to the Instagram account you want to monitor. Once linked, Snoopreport will start collecting data on the activities of that Instagram user.

The reports generated by Snoopreport are comprehensive and provide a wealth of information. You can see which posts and comments the user liked, the new users they followed, and the comments they left on other posts. This can be useful for various purposes, such as monitoring your child’s online activity, keeping an eye on a competitor’s Instagram strategy, or simply satisfying your curiosity about someone’s interests.

It is important to note that using Snoopreport to track someone’s Instagram activity may raise ethical concerns. It is essential to respect the privacy of others and only use such services with the consent of the person being monitored. Additionally, Snoopreport only tracks public activity, so if an Instagram user has a private account, their actions will not be visible through this service.

While Instagram no longer provides a built-in feature to track the activity of users you follow, services like Snoopreport offer an alternative solution. By using this third-party service, you can monitor someone’s Instagram activity and gain valuable insights into their interests and actions. However, it is crucial to use such services responsibly and with the consent of the individuals being monitored.