Can you track private Instagram account?

Answered by Willian Lymon

I can track private Instagram accounts using Visualping. It’s a useful tool that allows me to monitor any visual changes to the profile, even if it’s private and I’ve been approved to follow it.

One time, I wanted to keep track of updates from a private Instagram account of a friend who had recently moved abroad. I sent a follow request, which they accepted. After that, I added their Instagram profile to my Visualping monitoring list.

With Visualping, I was able to receive notifications whenever there were visual changes to their profile. This included any new posts they made, changes in their follower count, updates to their profile picture, and even engagements like comments and likes on their posts.

The great thing about Visualping is that it doesn’t just track the number of followers or posts, but also the actual content. This means that if my friend made a new post, I would receive a notification with the image, caption, and any comments or likes it received.

I found this particularly helpful in staying connected with my friend, especially since they were living in a different time zone and our schedules didn’t always align. Instead of having to constantly check their profile for updates, I could rely on Visualping to keep me informed.

In addition to monitoring private profiles, Visualping also works for public Instagram accounts. This is useful when I want to keep an eye on certain influencers or brands that I follow. I can track their posts, engagements, and any changes to their profile, all through Visualping.

To set up monitoring for a private Instagram account, I simply need to log in to my Visualping account and add the Instagram profile to my monitoring list. Once the account owner approves my follow request, Visualping will start tracking any visual changes to their profile.

Visualping is a valuable tool for tracking private Instagram accounts. It allows me to stay updated on new posts, follower count, profile changes, and engagements for both private and public profiles. With Visualping, I can easily keep track of updates from my friends and other accounts I’m interested in, without having to constantly check their profiles.