Can you tame DodoRex?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

Taming a DodoRex in the game can be quite challenging and requires a series of steps to accomplish. Here’s a detailed guide on how to tame a DodoRex in the game.

1. Defeat the Megapithecus: The first step is to defeat the Megapithecus boss. This boss can be found in the boss arena, which varies depending on the map you are playing on. You will need a well-prepared team, strong creatures, and powerful weapons to defeat the Megapithecus. Once defeated, you will receive a Megapithecus Trophy.

2. Defeat the Broodmother: Next, you need to defeat the Broodmother boss. Similar to the Megapithecus, the Broodmother can be found in the boss arena. Prepare yourself with a strong team and powerful weapons to take down the Broodmother. Upon success, you will receive a Broodmother Trophy.

3. Defeat the Wyvern: The final boss you need to defeat is the Wyvern. This powerful creature can be found in the Wyvern trench area. Be cautious as the Wyvern is extremely dangerous and can easily kill unprepared players. Once defeated, you will receive a Wyvern Trophy.

4. Obtain Golden Treats: After acquiring all three trophies, you will need to gather three Golden Treats. Golden Treats can be obtained by crafting them in the Annunaki Workbench using various resources. These treats are essential for taming the DodoRex.

5. Craft the Boss Tribute: Once you have the three trophies and three Golden Treats, head to the Annunaki Workbench. Place the trophies and treats in the workbench to craft the Boss Tribute. This Tribute is used to summon the DodoRex.

6. Summon and Tame the DodoRex: With the Boss Tribute in hand, head to a suitable location where you want to tame the DodoRex. Use the Boss Tribute from your inventory to summon the DodoRex. Be prepared for a tough battle, as the DodoRex is an incredibly strong creature.

During the battle, focus on dealing damage to the DodoRex without getting killed. Once its health is significantly reduced, you can attempt to feed it the Golden Treats. Make sure to approach cautiously and use the treats when the DodoRex is in a calm state.

Repeat the process of dealing damage, feeding it treats, and avoiding its attacks until the DodoRex’s taming bar is filled completely. Once tamed, the DodoRex will become your loyal companion.

Taming a DodoRex requires careful planning, preparation, and skilled gameplay. It is important to have a strong team, powerful weapons, and proper strategy to successfully tame this formidable creature. Good luck on your DodoRex taming adventure!