Can you save YouTube Shorts to a playlist?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

You can now save YouTube Shorts to a playlist called “Sounds from Shorts” on the YouTube app. This feature allows users to easily access and organize their favorite music from Shorts videos.

To save a Short to your playlist, simply tap on the Save button that appears on the video. The Save button looks like a bookmark icon and is located below the video player. When you tap on the Save button, a menu will appear where you can select the “Sounds from Shorts” playlist to save the music.

Once you have saved a Short to the playlist, you can find it in the YouTube Shorts section of the app. This section is specifically dedicated to Shorts videos and can be accessed by tapping on the Shorts tab on the bottom navigation bar of the YouTube app.

The “Sounds from Shorts” playlist acts as a collection of all the music you have saved from Shorts videos. You can easily access and play these saved tracks whenever you want, without having to search for them again. This makes it convenient for users to discover and enjoy new music from Shorts, as well as revisit their favorite tracks.

It’s worth noting that the Save button is not limited to music. You can also save other types of Shorts videos, such as funny clips, dance routines, or DIY tutorials, to your playlists. This allows you to create personalized collections of your favorite Shorts content.

YouTube has introduced a Save button that enables users to save music from Shorts videos to a playlist called “Sounds from Shorts.” This feature makes it easy to organize and access your favorite music from Shorts, providing a convenient way to enjoy and discover new tracks.