Can you replace Arlo batteries?

Answered by Willie Powers

You can replace the batteries in Arlo cameras, including the Arlo Ultra and Pro 3 models. Replacing the batteries is a straightforward process that can be done by following a few simple steps.

1. First, you need to remove the camera from its housing. To do this, pull the camera gently until it is entirely detached from the camera housing. This will allow you to access the battery compartment.

2. Once the camera is removed, you will see the battery compartment at the back of the camera. The battery compartment is specifically designed for easy battery replacement.

3. To remove the battery, simply pull on it until it slides out of the camera. The battery is held securely in place, but with a bit of force, it will come out smoothly. Be careful not to pull too hard or damage the battery or camera.

4. Now that you have removed the old battery, it’s time to insert the new one. Align the new battery with the battery compartment, making sure the contacts on the battery match the contacts in the camera. The battery will only insert one way, so ensure it is properly aligned before pushing it in.

5. Gently push the new battery into the compartment until it is fully inserted. Make sure it is securely in place.

That’s it! You have successfully replaced the battery in your Arlo camera. You can now reattach the camera to its housing and continue using it as before.

It’s important to note that Arlo cameras require specific batteries designed for their models. Make sure to use the correct battery type recommended by Arlo to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Using the wrong type of battery may result in damage to the camera or reduced battery life.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to have spare batteries on hand, especially if you rely on your Arlo cameras for security or surveillance purposes. Having spare batteries allows you to quickly swap out depleted ones and ensure uninterrupted camera operation.

Replacing the batteries in Arlo cameras is a simple process that can be done by following the steps mentioned above. With proper battery maintenance, you can ensure your Arlo cameras continue to function reliably and provide the security and peace of mind you desire.