Can you rename MP3 to M4A?

Answered by James Kissner

It is possible to rename MP3 files to M4A format. However, it is important to note that simply renaming the file extension from .mp3 to .m4a does not actually convert the file format. It merely changes the file extension, and the file will still be in the MP3 format.

To actually convert the MP3 files to M4A format, you will need to use a media conversion software or a media player like iTunes. iTunes is a popular and widely used media player that also allows for file conversion.

Here are the steps to convert MP3 files to M4A format using iTunes:

1. Open iTunes on your computer.

2. If the MP3 files are not already in the iTunes library, you will need to add them. To do this, go to File > Add Folder to Library (or Add File to Library) and locate the folder where the MP3 files are stored. Select the folder (or individual files) and click Open. iTunes will then add the MP3 files to your library.

3. Once the MP3 files are in your iTunes library, select them by clicking on them while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. This will allow you to select multiple files.

4. With the MP3 files selected, go to File > Convert > Convert to AAC. This option may vary slightly depending on your version of iTunes, but the basic process is the same.

5. iTunes will then begin converting the selected MP3 files to AAC format, which is the default format for M4A files. The converted files will be saved in the iTunes library.

6. To locate the converted M4A files, go to your iTunes library and click on the Music tab. You should see the newly converted M4A files listed there.

By following these steps, you can effectively convert MP3 files to M4A format using iTunes. It is important to note that the original MP3 files will still be in your library, so you may want to delete them if you no longer need them in the MP3 format.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.