Can you play cloud gaming with keyboard and mouse?

Answered by Edward Huber

It is possible to play cloud gaming with a keyboard and mouse. However, the feasibility of using this setup can depend on various factors, such as the specific game you are playing and the platform you are using for cloud gaming.

One of the main advantages of cloud gaming is the ability to play games on a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and even smart TVs. While many games are developed with controller support in mind, there are still numerous titles that work quite well with keyboard and mouse setups.

For PC gamers, using a keyboard and mouse for cloud gaming is often the preferred choice due to the familiarity and precision that these input devices offer. Many PC games are designed with keyboard and mouse controls in mind, and players have grown accustomed to the level of control and customization that these peripherals provide. When using a cloud gaming service on your PC, you can simply connect your keyboard and mouse and play games just as you would on a local gaming setup.

However, when it comes to cloud gaming on other devices, such as smartphones or tablets, the experience with a keyboard and mouse may not be as seamless. These devices typically lack USB ports, which means that connecting a physical keyboard and mouse directly might not be possible. In such cases, you may need to rely on wireless options, such as Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice, or utilize on-screen touch controls.

Another consideration is the platform you are using for cloud gaming. Xbox Cloud Gaming, for instance, streams games from Xbox hardware, which means that it is primarily designed with controller support in mind. While some games may have keyboard and mouse support on Xbox consoles, this support might not always carry over to the cloud gaming experience. Therefore, although it is technically possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to your device while playing Xbox Cloud Gaming, you may find limited functionality or lack of support in certain games.

It’s worth noting that some cloud gaming platforms, such as NVIDIA GeForce Now, offer native support for keyboard and mouse controls, allowing you to seamlessly play games with these peripherals across various devices. This can be particularly beneficial if you are accustomed to PC gaming and prefer the precision and customization options offered by a keyboard and mouse setup.

While it is possible to play cloud gaming with a keyboard and mouse, the feasibility and experience can vary depending on the specific game and platform you are using. PC gamers will generally have a smoother experience due to the compatibility and familiarity of keyboard and mouse controls. However, for other devices like smartphones or tablets, the availability of physical keyboard and mouse support may be limited, and you may need to rely on alternative input methods.