Can you get banned for sharing Supercell ID?

Answered by Willie Powers

It is possible to get banned for sharing your Supercell ID or any account in general. Supercell, the company behind popular mobile games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, has a strict policy against account sharing. They explicitly state that they do not guarantee the security of any account that has been transferred between players and reserve the right to ban any account that has been shared.

Account sharing refers to the practice of giving someone else access to your game account, either temporarily or permanently. This could include sharing your Supercell ID, login credentials, or any other means of accessing your account. While it may seem harmless to share your account with a friend or family member, it is important to understand the potential consequences.

The primary reason why Supercell discourages account sharing is to prevent cheating and unfair play. When multiple people have access to the same account, it becomes difficult to determine who is actually playing the game. This opens up the possibility of one person using cheats or hacks, which can ruin the gaming experience for others.

Moreover, account sharing violates Supercell’s terms of service. By sharing your account, you are essentially giving up control and ownership of it. Supercell’s terms clearly state that accounts are non-transferable and should not be shared. Violating these terms can result in severe consequences, including permanent bans.

Account security is another reason why sharing your Supercell ID is risky. When you share your login information with someone else, you are essentially trusting them with your personal data. This puts your account at risk of being hacked, stolen, or compromised. Even if the person you shared your account with has good intentions, accidents can happen, leading to unauthorized access or loss of progress.

In my personal experience, I have seen cases where players have been banned for sharing their Supercell IDs. Friends who thought it would be fun to share their accounts ended up regretting their decision when they received permanent bans. It was a painful lesson for them, as they lost all their progress, in-game purchases, and the ability to play with their existing accounts.

To avoid the risk of getting banned, it is strongly recommended to refrain from sharing your Supercell ID or any other account information. It is always better to play by the rules and enjoy the game within the boundaries set by the developers. If you want to play with friends or family members, encourage them to create their own accounts and enjoy the game together.

Sharing your Supercell ID or any game account can result in severe consequences, including permanent bans. Supercell has a strict policy against account sharing to prevent cheating, maintain fair play, and protect the security of players’ accounts. To avoid the risk of being banned, it is best to play the game within the terms of service and encourage others to create their own accounts.