Can you embed Sway in an email?

Answered by Frank Schwing

You can embed a Sway in an email. Embedding a Sway allows you to share your Sway directly within the email itself, so recipients can view it without having to click on a separate link.

To embed a Sway in an email, you will first need to publish your Sway. Once your Sway is published, you can obtain the embed code to insert it into your email.

Here are the steps to embed a Sway in an email:

1. Open your Sway and click on the “…” (ellipsis) button in the top right corner of the Sway window.
2. In the dropdown menu, select “Share” to access the sharing options.
3. In the sharing options, click on the “Embed” tab.
4. Copy the embed code provided.

Now, the method for embedding the Sway in an email may vary depending on the email client or service you are using. In most cases, you can follow these general steps:

1. Open your email composition window and switch to the email’s HTML or source code view. This is usually an option in the formatting toolbar or settings of your email client.
2. Paste the embed code that you copied from the Sway’s sharing options into the HTML or source code view of the email.
3. Save or apply the changes to the email.

Once the email is sent, the recipient will be able to view the embedded Sway directly within the email itself. They can interact with the Sway, scroll through the content, and explore any media or interactive elements you have included.

It’s important to note that not all email clients or services support the embedding of external content like Sways. Recipients using certain email clients or viewing emails in plain text may not be able to see the embedded Sway. In such cases, it’s a good practice to provide a direct link to the Sway as an alternative.

Remember, embedding a Sway in an email can make your message more engaging and interactive, allowing your recipients to easily access and view your Sway without leaving their inbox.