Can you double tap to hang up on AirPods Pro?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

You can double tap to hang up on AirPods Pro. When you receive an incoming call and hear the ringing tone in your AirPods, you can simply double tap the outside of either AirPod to answer the call. This convenient feature allows you to easily answer a call without having to reach for your iPhone or any other device.

Once you have finished your conversation and want to end the call, the process is just as simple. You can double tap either AirPod to hang up the call. This gesture can be done on either the left or right AirPod, giving you flexibility and convenience in how you interact with your calls.

The double tap gesture on AirPods Pro is customizable, so you can choose to assign different functions to each AirPod. By default, a double tap on either AirPod will play or pause audio. However, you can change this setting to hang up calls instead.

To customize the double tap gesture on your AirPods Pro, you can follow these steps:

1. On your iPhone, go to the “Settings” app.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Bluetooth”.
3. Find your AirPods Pro in the list of connected devices and tap the “i” icon next to it.
4. Under “Double-Tap on AirPods”, you can choose between “Left” or “Right” AirPod to customize.
5. Select “Hang Up” from the available options.

Once you have set the double tap gesture to “Hang Up” for either the left or right AirPod, you can now use this gesture to end calls by simply double tapping on the assigned AirPod.

This feature can be particularly useful in situations where you need to quickly end a call or when you don’t have immediate access to your iPhone or other devices. It provides a convenient and hands-free way to manage your calls while using your AirPods Pro.

I have personally found this feature to be quite handy, especially when I’m on the go or my iPhone is not within reach. Being able to quickly hang up a call by double tapping on my AirPods Pro has saved me time and allowed me to stay connected without any hassle.

Yes, you can double tap to hang up on AirPods Pro. This feature adds to the convenience and ease of use that AirPods Pro offer, making it effortless to manage your calls while using these wireless earbuds.