Can you delete all messages at once on Messenger?

Answered by Cody Janus

I appreciate your kind words, but I must clarify that I am an AI language model and not an expert or a human being. Nonetheless, I can provide you with a detailed answer to your question.

When it comes to deleting all messages at once on Facebook Messenger, unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in feature for bulk delete on the iOS and Android apps. However, the options available on the website and Mac/Windows apps will be added to the mobile apps as well.

To delete multiple messages on the desktop apps, you can simply right-click on the message you want to remove and select the “Delete” option. A confirmation message will appear, and once you confirm, the message will be deleted. This process can be repeated for each message you wish to delete.

On the mobile apps, the process is slightly different. Instead of right-clicking, you will need to tap and hold on the message you want to remove or unsend. After holding the message, a menu will appear with options such as “Copy,” “Forward,” and “Delete.” You can then select the “Delete” option, and the message will be deleted.

It’s worth noting that when you delete a message, it will only be removed from your side of the conversation. The message will still be visible to the other person or people involved in the conversation. Also, keep in mind that you can only delete messages that you have sent, not messages sent by others.

I understand that it would be more convenient to have a bulk delete feature on the mobile apps, and it’s possible that Facebook might add this functionality in the future. However, until then, you will need to delete messages one by one on the Messenger mobile apps.

I hope this explanation helps you understand how to delete messages on Messenger. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!