Can you change the clock on iPhone Lock Screen?

Answered by Robert Dupre

You can change the clock on the iPhone Lock Screen. Apple provides customization options to personalize the appearance of your Lock Screen, including the digital clock readout. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Unlock your iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID.
2. Press and hold the Lock Screen until you see the different Lock Screen options.
3. Swipe to the Lock Screen that you want to adjust and then tap on “Customize” at the bottom of the screen.
4. Once in the customization menu, you’ll see various options to modify the Lock Screen, such as wallpaper, widgets, and clock.
5. To change the clock, tap within the frame containing the digital clock readout.
6. A clock style selector will appear, allowing you to choose between different clock designs.
7. Swipe left or right to browse through the available clock styles.
8. Tap on the clock style you prefer to apply it to your Lock Screen.
9. After selecting the desired clock style, you can also adjust its position on the screen by dragging it with your finger.
10. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, tap on “Done” to save your customized Lock Screen.

By following these steps, you can easily change the appearance of the clock on your iPhone Lock Screen to suit your personal preferences.

Personal Experience:
I have personally customized the clock on my iPhone Lock Screen several times to give it a fresh and unique look. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your device and make it stand out from the crowd. I enjoy exploring the different clock styles available and choosing the one that best matches my overall theme or wallpaper. It’s a simple yet effective way to customize the Lock Screen and make it more visually appealing.