Can you change daylight cycle Minecraft?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

I can definitely help you with that! In Minecraft, you have the ability to control the Day-Night cycle using a command called “/daylock”. This command serves as a shortcut to modify the “dodaylightcycle” game rule, which determines whether the Day-Night cycle progresses naturally or remains locked at a specific time of day.

To use the “/daylock” command, simply open the chat box and type “/daylock” followed by either “lock” or “unlock” depending on your desired action. If you want to lock the Day-Night cycle at the current time, type “/daylock lock”. Conversely, if you wish to unlock the Day-Night cycle and allow it to progress naturally, type “/daylock unlock”.

I find this command extremely useful in various situations. For instance, if I’m working on a complex build or project that requires consistent lighting conditions, I can lock the Day-Night cycle to ensure the lighting remains constant throughout my construction process. It saves me the hassle of waiting for day or night to achieve the desired lighting setup.

On the other hand, there might be instances where I want to experience the natural progression of day and night, especially if I’m exploring or playing in survival mode. In such cases, I can use the “/daylock unlock” command to unlock the Day-Night cycle and enjoy the immersive gameplay that Minecraft offers.

It’s worth mentioning that the “/daylock” command is a shortcut specifically designed to modify the “dodaylightcycle” game rule. If you prefer using the traditional “/gamerule” command, you can achieve the same effect by typing “/gamerule dodaylightcycle true” to unlock the Day-Night cycle, or “/gamerule dodaylightcycle false” to lock it.

To summarize, the “/daylock” command in Minecraft allows you to easily lock or unlock the Day-Night cycle. It provides a convenient way to control the progression of time, whether you want to keep it consistent for building purposes or experience the natural cycle while playing.