Can you be Friends on Facebook but not see their posts?

Answered by Jason Smith

Absolutely! On Facebook, you have the option to maintain a connection with someone as a friend but choose not to see their posts on your News Feed. This can be done by either hiding their posts or unfollowing them.

Hiding someone’s posts is a simple way to remove their content from your News Feed without completely severing your Facebook friendship. When you hide a post, it won’t show up in your feed, but you can still visit their profile to see their updates if you wish. It’s like temporarily putting their posts on mute.

On the other hand, unfollowing someone means that you will no longer see any posts or updates from them on your News Feed. However, you will still remain friends on Facebook and have access to their profile if you choose to visit it. Unfollowing provides a more permanent solution if you no longer wish to see someone’s posts regularly.

In addition to hiding or unfollowing, Facebook also offers a feature called “snooze.” This allows you to temporarily stop seeing someone’s posts for a period of 30 days. It’s useful when you want a break from someone’s updates but might want to see them again later without having to unfollow or hide them permanently.

These options give you the flexibility to tailor your News Feed to your preferences and control the content you see. They are especially handy when you find someone’s posts to be overwhelming, repetitive, or simply not of interest to you.

Personally, I’ve used these features on Facebook to manage my News Feed. There have been instances where I’ve hidden or unfollowed friends who frequently shared political views that clashed with mine. While I still wanted to maintain the friendship on Facebook, I preferred not to be bombarded with content that I found disagreeable. The ability to hide or unfollow has allowed me to maintain a connection while selectively curating my News Feed to align more with my interests and preferences.

To conclude, being friends on Facebook but not seeing someone’s posts is indeed possible. You can either hide their posts, unfollow them, or even snooze their posts temporarily. These options offer a level of control over your News Feed, allowing you to shape your Facebook experience according to your own preferences and interests.